NehruvianDOOM Release Second Song ‘Om’

Seventeen-year-old rap prodigy Bishop Nehru and his mentor MF Doom, have released a second song from their upcoming album NehruvianDOOM. ‘Om’ as the song is called, is the second track on the album. Unlike the first released track ‘Darkness (HBU)’, the song features Doom more prominently, featuring some nice lines by Doom himself. The emphasis still lies on Bishop (who can be heard in the verses), but it looks like Doom won’t be just guiding behind the scenes on this album. You can listen to ‘Om’ below.

The album will be released on September 23 via Lex Records.



1 Intro
2 Om
3 Mean The Most
4 So Alone
5 Coming For You
6 Darkness (HBU)
7 Caskets
8 Great Things
9 Disastrous

NehruvianDOOM – Om

NehruvianDOOM - OM

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