Reverse: The Epic Top 20 Single from SomeKindaWonderful

SomeKindaWonderful Reverse

After releasing their self titled record earlier this year through Downtown Records/White Clover Records, rock group SomeKindaWonderful have premiered their music video for their top 20 single “Reverse” today on VEVO.

Directed by the the critically acclaimed  Marc Klasfeld (whose previous works include Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Foo Fighters, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers to name a few) the video portrays front-man Jordy Towers’ lyrics through a breathtaking potpourri of inspired digital effects and imagery, influenced both by the lyrical content of the song, and SomeKindaWonderful’s own creative vision for the band.

“We wanted to create something that not only represents the song itself but also establishes who we are as a band and reflects our creative vision,” said lead singer, Jordy Towers.

Recorded in a Cleveland, OH recording studio, two hours after the band members met by chance in a local bar, “Reverse” has proven to be an incredible success for the band. With considerable airplay on over 46 stations nationwide, and a spot in the Mediabase Top 20 for the last sixteen weeks, the boys in SomeKindaWonderful are riding a wave of success that shows no signs of stopping. In our recent interview with Jordy Towers, the SKW front-man had the following to say about his band’s mission to change the rock soundscape:

“Now we may not be as big of some of these other bands right now, but the only reason why that is happening is because we’re on an indie label and all of these other dudes have huge budgets. At the end of the day financially, we shouldn’t even be in the top 25. But we have support, and we have people who are hungry for what we have. And that’s what we want to do: bring that movement shit.”

The video for “Reverse” can be watched exclusively on VEVO below:

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