Rise Against Release Music Video For ‘Tragedy + Time’

Rise Against are back at it and better than ever before! Before their newest album, ‘The Black Market’, the band took an almost two year break from their normal album-tour-album-tour schedule, and now they’re back as if they never left. ‘The Black Market’ was released on July 15th, 2014 and debuted at number 3 on US Billboard 100, making this album the band’s second number three. Shortly following the release, the band started a follow-up tour on Aug 29th, 2014 and have been non-stop ever since. They have also recently announced an upcoming tour with the infamous Linkin Park.

Decibel Peak // The Uprising (feat....

Rise Against has tour dates booked all the way up until June 7th, 2015. One would think that with such a busy schedule, the band wouldn’t have time for much else; however, they have found the time to film and release a music video for their song ‘Tragedy + Time’. Check out the video below!

Rise Against - Tragedy + Time


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