The Spark 03/07/15: Tracks From Our Twitter Followers

The Spark: March 7th, 2015

Welcome to The Spark, a feature on AltWire where we put the spotlight on fun, exciting and lesser known bands that we feel deserve your undivided attention (although we will occasionally sneak a bigger band in there from time to time!).  All available for immediate consumption and in satisfying servings for your cerebral taste buds. Fast food for your ears, what could be better then that?

Below are tracks that come from our followers on Twitter. To show our thanks and offer our support in return, we are showcasing some of our favorites, so be sure to follow their twitter accounts (listed next to the band name)!

Forefront (@ForefrontSA) – “Crash”

Young Braves  (@YoungBravesUK) – “Black Country”

Repel The Robot (@repeltherobot) – “This Big World”

Ditchwater (@Ditchwater_band) – “Blister”

NeonSavant (@neonsavant) – “Bipolar”

At The Wayside (@atthewayside) – “Drown Us Out”

Derek Oswald:

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