Puscifer Interview: A Q&A With Mat Mitchell

If there’s one part about this interview that impressed us the most, it was Mat Mitchell’s willingness to answer every single question that we threw at him during our nearly 30 minute interview. As mentioned in page one of this story, we decided to do something a little differently this time around and reach out the band’s fans on Reddit to see what kind of questions we could receive. This resulted in over 20 unique questions submitted, all of which Mat stuck around to answer at the end of it all. Below is a rapid-fire round of extra questions, all submitted by fans on the r/puscifer and r/ToolBand subreddits. Enjoy!

AW: Were the Cinquanata shows ever taped?

Mat Mitchell / Puscifer: I do have audio recordings of those performances, but we did not film them.

AW: Any plans to release those audio recordings?

Mat Mitchell / Puscifer:  We’ll see.

AW: Any good stories from the Nine Inch Nails Lights In the Sky tour?

Mat Mitchell / Puscifer:  [Laughing] No comment! [Continues Laughing]

AW: Any plans to release another DVD at the end of the Money Shot tour?

Mat Mitchell / Puscifer:  I’d like to! I really liked the last one. I thought that it was a really good representation of the show and it was something that we were pretty proud of so I’d love to do something again. We’ve recorded some stuff and we’ll probably record a few more shows, so if all goes well I’d love to do it. I really liked the last one so I’d love to do another one.

AW: How did you get your start in becoming a musician, and who were some of your favorite bands growing up, as well as some of your favorites today?

Mat Mitchell / Puscifer:  Growing up I was in middle school and they offered a guitar class. It was an opportunity for me to get out of a harder class so I made the jump. I really kind of gravitated towards it and was interested in putting in the time to get better at it and get good at it. I was always a music fan and there were always records playing in the house when I was growing up, so I always had an interest and a love for music. So I kept playing and circling myself around other people that played, which helped keep the drive up. I started playing in bands when I was 16 and 17, and did some regional tours when I was 17 and 18.

As far as my inspirations went back then…a lot of metal stuff like Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden to bands like Bauhaus and Joy Division so a broad range of stuff there, for a lot of different reasons. For guitar it’s nice to know some of those metal riffs as the music is very guitar centered, so those bands were great to kind of learn guitar on. Then there were guys like Daniel Ash for the opposite end, for things like texture and songwriting and outside of the box stuff. With new wave a lot of that inspired me for the electronic and the keyboard side of things. I listened to that as a kid and I’m not embarrassed by any of it, I still listen to that stuff and I love all of it.

With new bands, there’s a lot. Of course when I’m on the spot I go blank [laughs], but Big Black Delta I like a lot, I like Phantogram a lot, and a lot of the pop stuff that’s out there. TV on the Radio is awesome, The Knife. I don’t know, that’s a short list and I’m sure I’m missing some major ones but those are a few good ones.

AW: Will we see Jonny Polonsky on guitar at any live shows in the future, and will the second drum kit ever return?

Mat Mitchell / Puscifer: Polonsky? Probably. He’s around and he’s a friend, and he did make an appearance with us before. He’s played with us since he left as the primary guitar player, so I wouldn’t say we’d never see him again.

For the second drum kit, Mahsa’s a drummer so it’s not that far of a stretch to think that she would be playing some drums with us. Also, depending on which friends are in town, I love having double drums. We have double drums on all the records so at some point that will definitely happen.

AW: Coffee or tea?

Mat Mitchell / Puscifer:  Morning and night! [laughs] I’m coffee in the morning, and tea in the night!

AW: Finally, the most important question of all: chunky or smooth peanut butter?

Mat Mitchell / Puscifer: If I had to pick one I would say chunky. Having said that, I think it’s because with everyone it’s always smooth. It’s just the variety, as unfortunately with everything the option is almost always smooth. So I would pick chunky.

Puscifer – “Money Shot”:

PUSCIFER "MONEY SHOT" official video

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