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King Filthy – “10 Toes”

FILTHY1King Filthy

Disclaimer: This video contains explicit material that may be senstitive to some people. 



If your music is going to be filthy, you may as well be the king of it right?

King Filthy let’s us know that he is royalty when it comes to expressing the filthiness on his mind as soon as he begins the barfest on “10 Toes”:

“Well them hoes say I’m a lil crazy/

Well pop me a straitjacket, pop the tag and let’s get it baby/

Dirty Dancing call me Patrick Swayze/

Stephen King in this thing, pennywise…you a penny saver

Scrap Paper Films did an excellent job of making “10 Toes” appear to be an old-school horror flick. The first thing I thought of when I saw this video was Stephen King’s, “It”. The video is set at an abandoned carnival and even has a spooky clown in it! I probably should have said this before but…

NOTE: If you are afraid of clowns, DO NOT watch this video!

Other than that, enjoy the video!

King Filthy – 10 TOES:

Al Gibson

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