May 2016


Chance The Rapper Debuts New Single Live

Chance The Rapper has been in a state of constant beast mode since the release of 2013’s Acid Rap mixtape. He has been chalking up feature after feature with: Childish Gambino, Madonna, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and the list goes on. His collaborators, the Social Experiment, released one of last year’s most enjoyable summer mixtapes, Surf.  Basically, Chance […]


The Rubens Interview: Q&A With William Zeglis

Who are The Rubens? Are they a supergroup comprised of clones of American Idol season two winner Ruben Studdard? Are they very delicious sandwiches composed of corned beef and swiss cheese? Nope, they’re neither! Instead, they’re one of the hottest acts to come out of the Australian music scene in recent memory, and a band […]

Artists To Watch

Artist to Watch: Avenue Eight

(photo courtesy of artist) Avenue Eight are, to quote a certain music mogul, truly “OTHER”. Boasting a ten man lineup (!!!) of young Philly-area students, Avenue Eight demonstrates ambition within their music and their career. The members are: Matt Coakley (keyboards, vocals), Franco Giacomarra (bass, vocals), Justin Toto (guitar), Stefano “Fano” Giacomarra (drums), Felipe Ranjo […]


David Cook: Cutting Open the Digital Vein

First of all… when David Cook opens his mouth it literally makes my heart happy.  My heart jumps up, grows little stick-figure feet, and begins to sway back and forth in a happy motion that I can’t describe in this article. I watched American Idol for exactly two seasons. The first just happened to be the […]


Hall & Oates: Class of 2016

Fans of my columns should know by now that, as the song says, I’m only happy when it rains. However, it’s hard to be any sort of sad when you’re talking about Daryl Hall & John Oates. Merely the visual of the duo brings to mind perfectly positioned blonde locks of Daryl’s hair and John’s […]


Holland Road – “Party At My Place”

Music is a cyclical thing.  Trends come and go and then come again. Guitar-fueled party rock is one of those perennial fixtures in our culture. In this latest resurgence, Holland Road out of New England is going all out with another new single, “Party at My Place.” If you liked the anthemic rockers of 80’s […]

CD Reviews

Album Review: Drake, VIEWS

International rap superstar Drake released his much anticipated fourth studio album on April 29th. Prior to it’s release very little was known about the album, aside from the two leaked tracks, and were all but ready for some new Drizzy. This is evident, as the album sold 630,000 copies on the very first day of […]