Cybernetic Storytelling – My Interview with Alpha Riff

Come and join us as I chop it up wit the king of Nerdcore cybernetic storytelling, Alpha Riff. We delve into the new album, his rap origins, and shout-outs, of course…which somehow lead to a mini-rant! Enjoy the interview and go and cop Alpha Riff’s new album, Mors Aeterna, at

Music heard during the interview: (in order played)

  1. Alpha Riff feat. Professor Shyguy – Crowned Fates
  2. Rhyme Artist feat. Ambush Vin – En Sabah Nur
  3. Twill Distilled feat Alpha Riff – Ladder
  4. Aramis – Game Over
  5. Alpha Riff – Battle With a Legend (Phunkoland)
  6. Ambush Vin feat. Alpha Riff – Phantom Zone
  7. Smash Instrumental
  8. Four Horsemen – Slim Charles
  9. Non-Fiction Instrumental
  10. Ol’ Girl Instrumental


Al Gibson: Al Gibson is the Staff and Publishing Director for, as well as owner of He is also an independent Hip-Hop Artist, creating a sound that he has dubbed Sci-Fi Music. Based in Northwest Indiana (Chicagoland), Vin's mission for AltWire is to, "bring recognition to each and every Independent Artist who is trying to amplify their voice. It's not about stats for AltWire. It's about the love of music!"

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