The Shortlist – August 27, 2016

This week is full of chill, atmospheric jams with a few bangers here and there, so plug in this playlist and wind down from a long week.

5edd8a864e0731e44f499de47ed74e5582b204e0Dawes – When the Tequila Runs Out

The California-based Americana act, Dawes, are set to release their fifth studio album next month and this lead single finds the band expanding their sound with more electronic groove and a driving bass backbone.


8d205154821bb17a389ffc32714a522f4341788aKyle – Doubt It

Kyle’s flow is a refreshing diversion from what has become the standard lyrical structure but his attitude is what really sets him apart.  He has fun on “Doubt It” and it’s hard to not have fun with him.


02eb4b2b4a7a3145d9f337d5e231b16219ba462eGlass Animals – Season 2 Episode 3

Glass Animals are following up their critically acclaimed debut, Zaba, with a new, high concept project called How To Be A Human Being.  This single, which recalls classic 8-bit video game soundtracks, is cool, smooth, and a promising teaser for the new album.

b9cdc861cfa793b13fdaf5e2fd5d0e4a8f483c51Metallica – Hardwired

Metallica has a tortured past sprinkled with infighting, scandals, and wild diversions from the genre they helped create.  This new single hearkens back to the glory days though with strong thrash roots and and some stomach-churningly good guitar work.  If it’s any indication of the upcoming albums as a whole, it could be a magnificent return to form.


edbe418c20d213a931f3dfe762fc04d5f2ac5786Banks – Mind Games

Banks is delivering more of her practiced and honed pop sensibilities with strong vocals and production that lets the words speak louder.  This track clearly pulls influences from the new experimental-pop class of FKA Twigs, Lianne La Havas, et al. and the style suits Banks well.


d0ce7d2eedf692d27839a3436314f7f8b7aab982Tall Heights – Iron In The Fire

Tall Heights are a Boston based duo producing ethereal indie folk similar to Bon Iver and Local Natives.  They deliver something unique to the genre especially with their most recent album Neptune from which this single comes.  There’s a sincerity about the group that sets them apart.


1b15739fcd5200ad60ed5803dcac7a1550d86abcBall Park Music – Whipping Boy

The atmospheric chorus filters enveloping every element of Ball Park Music’s sound make them more than just your usual indie power-pop band.  Their new project Every Night The Same Dream is dreamy guitar rock at its best.


a897166753c99841173cb93d4d5298153608d463SG Lewis – Holding Back (Feat. Gallant)

Gallant offers his whispy falsetto to SG Lewis’ groovy production on this track.  It has the wah-wah effect of classic funk but as the chorus comes in, it transitions to something closer to disco or 80’s blue-eyed soul.  It’s no party anthem, but it’s chilled out and doesn’t overstay its pleasantness.


7a6f7f7486ee2d59e50754bbd2ca606fb4a14757Danny Brown – Pneumonia 

The other major banger on this week’s playlist, Danny Brown’s latest single has a minimalist beat that relies mostly on surprising and aggressive accent hits.  Brown is at his grittiest here and the instrumental fittingly sounds like something out of a horror film.  It’s three and a half minutes of pure Danny Brown.


d501e1fdaa9ff08b1a9288d6d2609fe1a77c6b18courtship. – Stop For Nothing

I decided to end this playlist on a up note with the only existing track by LA duo courtship.  “Stop for Nothing” is a bouncy dancepop track with catchy synths and a great staggered bass line.  It’s a promising debut for a band that no one knows anything about, but at the very least, they know how to make a fun song.


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