#TheSpark: Brian’s Favorites

This is my first time writing anything for #TheSpark, a piece where we highlight some of the tracks we’re currently jamming to.

An opportunity to talk about a few of my current favorite tracks? Bring it.

Rise Against – “I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore”

I absolutely love Rise Against, no questions there. They’ve been announcing a lot of shows in my area lately, so I’ve found myself jamming to a lot of their stuff this morning.

Also, a bonus: Check out this video of Rise Against’s frontman, Tim McIlrath, doing an amazing cover of The Jawbreakers’ “Kiss The Bottle”:

Foo Fighters – “The Best Of You”

Because who doesn’t love the Foo?

Hot Mulligan – “Dary”

These are some local guys who just signed to No Sleep Records. They’re so local, in fact, that I bartend in the venue where they shot this video. Be on the lookout for big things coming from them.

My Chemical Romance – “Helena”

Back in high school, my Zune (It’s taken me years to be able to openly admit that I had a Zune) was an emo concert headlined by these guys. I never had the chance to see them live before they split, which I think happened about two albums too late.

The Offspring – “Dirty Magic”

Of course I can’t leave The Offspring off a list of my favorite tracks. “Dirty Magic” was originally on their 1992 album Ignition, but was re-recorded for Days Go By. 

Bring Me The Horizon – “Drown”

I’ll admit that I’m a little late to the party with these guys. They popped up on my Pandora a few months ago and I’ve been hooked since.

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#TheSpark is a feature on AltWire where we put the spotlight on some of our favorite tracks. It’s basically filet mignon for your ears. What could be better then that?

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