Lifehouse Interview: Q&A Jason Wade and Bryce Soderberg

Over the past 17 years, Lifehouse has sold over 15 million records, topped several of the most recognized Billboard charts, and sold out hundreds of shows worldwide. Since the release of their debut album No Name Face in 2001, Jason Wade (lead vocals, guitar), Bryce Soderberg (bass, vocals), and Ricky Woolstenhulme Jr. (drums, percussion) have earned fans spanning the globe.

With no end in sight, the group has sold out shows and reached loyal audiences in the US, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, and South America. With the help of co-writer / co-producer Jude Cole, Lifehouse has received massive radio play for tracks like “Hanging by a Moment,” “First Time,” “You and Me,”  and “Whatever It Takes.”

I recently had a chance to talk with Bryce and Jason about their upcoming tour, their relationship with Switchfoot, and what they have coming next musically. Frontman Jason Wade reminisced with us about buying Switchfoot’s first album when he was only 16/17 and being inspired by their success. “17 years as a band”, he explained, and it is still “only [their] first tour together”. Throughout their careers, their “paths were parallel,” Jason explained, “my wife grew up near them in San Diego.” Because of this, the tour is a long time coming. It will be a treat for fans of both groups to see what they bring to it.

2011 was the last US tour for Lifehouse so when I asked bassist/vocalist Bryce Soderberg what venues or cities he was looking forward to playing, the list was long. Soderberg was enthusiastic as he rattled off locations including The Greek, where a lot of band members’ families and friends will be present, the east coast, middle America, San Fransisco, and even Coney Island. On this tour, Lifehouse and Switchfoot will be joined by singer-songwriter Brynn Elliott. Jason explained that Brynn “is a part of Switchfoot’s camp” but “he has heard wonderful things about her” and is excited to have her join the tour.

Jason and Bryce filled us in on some big projects happening outside this summer’s tour. They have a greatest hits record being released June 30. The record will consist of “19 tracks in sequence” of their release and is meant to be a “celebration” of what Lifehouse has accomplished so far. Both have projects outside Lifehouse that they are also passionate about. Jason is working on a lot of solo stuff, including a song-a-week project. Bryce’s other project Komox is a very important outlet for him, not just a side project, and has also had significant releases recently.

Moving forward the two have a lot to look forward to the big tour with Switchfoot, charitable projects in the works, and their own individual pursuits. Jason had a few words to leave fans with who would like to know the root of Lifehouse’s message. “We just want to make music that is inspiring to us, music about growing and life.” By inspiring themselves, they have inspired many others. Lifehouse is sure to bring that gift to fans as they embark on their summer tour and we at Altwire are very thankful to frontman Jason Wade and bassist Bryce Soderberg for speaking with us.

Altwire Staff:

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