October Sky Tour Diary: St. Louis, MO

October Sky Tour Diary

October Sky Tour Diary – Saint Louis, MO stop

October Sky performs in Saint Louis, MO

Full first day of tour. Location? Saint Louis, MO.

It’s strange to me to think that just two days ago I was sitting in my cubicle as a receptionist for an engineering firm in Manhattan and now I’m living in an RV for the next 10 days or so with Alex and Karl from the band October Sky.

The “You Can’t Kill Us” tour is on its second leg, and the line up is October Sky, Assuming We Survive and of course Icon for Hire. Tonight the bands played at “Blueberry Hill” which is a small venue in St. Louis. It’s an all ages show, but if there’s one thing I’ve continuously been amazed by it’s the fans’ loyalty. Icon for Hire has such a strong fan base and intensity every night. Granted I’ve only seen two shows so far – last night we were in Indianapolis, Indiana.

So what’s a receptionist like me doing on a tour? Well, I’ll be helping October Sky with merchandise, loading and unloading equipment, doing concert photography on my cell phone, and doing this blog for Altwire.net. Everyday will be a new blog post about life on the road, what we do everyday, talking about different venues and different cities.

It’s now 12:27 AM and we’re finally leaving the venue in Saint Louis. Today we ran a couple of errands during the day since it’s the boys first full day back on the road since this is the second leg of the tour.

People don’t realize how much work and effort goes into a tour. You drive for hours, sleep in random places, and it’s definitely been an adjustment.

I’m personally still getting used to tour life as it’s only my first full day reporting for duty. I’m learning the ropes, getting to know the other bands and crew, (which by the way everyone has been super nice and welcoming- so shout out to everyone else on this tour!)

Tonight’s show in St. Louis was a blast. All of the bands put on a great show, and the crowd had too much energy. Tomorrow we’ll be in Illinois, and now we’re finding a place to sleep for the night. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates on the road!

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