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Jamiroquai – New Single/Video for ‘Summer Girl’

With a style and vibe reminiscent The Bee Gees, Jamiroquai’s latest single, “Summer Girl” is like taking a ride on a time machine into the Disco Era.

With lyrics  like:

“While every wolf is whistling
And every dog’s a fool
She knows they’re so bereft
Of everything she thinks is cool”

Jamiroquai makes a girl feel like she’s an empowered woman mingling at Studio 54 as she draws the attention of every cat wanting to take her to the dance floor!

This single is absolute dy-no-mite! If you’ve got that Saturday Night Fever, this song adds a modern twist to your 1970s themed party! Turn on your disco ball, throw on some bell bottoms and party like it’s 1979!

Omayra Lopez

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