This Week’s Rock/Hard Rock/Metal/Hardcore Releases

December 22nd

AmenraMass III [Vinyl]
AnguisDeiAd Portas Serpentum
AnthraxThe Greater Of Two Evils [Reissue]
AnthraxWe’ve Come For You All [Reissue]
Avenged SevenfoldThe Stage [Deluxe Edition]
BisonYou Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient [Red Vinyl]
Circle Of SaltSuffer The Cold
DeathcultCult Of The Goat
Death Toll 80KStep Down
Dimmu BorgirDeath Cult Armageddon [Vinyl] [Silver Vinyl]
Dimmu BorgirEnthrone Darkness Triumphant [Vinyl] [Dark Green Vinyl]
Dimmu BorgirFor All Tid[Vinyl] [Orange Vinyl]
GorgorothInstinctus Bestialis [Reissue]
GorgorothUnder The Sign Of Hell [Reissue]
HallatarNo Stars Upon The Bridge
Handsome PrickAnonymityville
Jess And The Ancient OnesThe Horse And Others Weird Tales
NovaSoli Contro Il Mondo
Scale The SummitCarving Desert Canyons (Silver Series) [Vinyl]
Scale The SummitThe Collective (Silver Series) [Vinyl]
TribulationLady Death
UrBlack Vortex

Derek Oswald:

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