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Remix Post Traumatic: Presented By ALTWIRE

Attention all musicians: We are excited to present to you an incredible opportunity to have your talents heard! Following the recent release of Mike Shinoda’s Post Traumatic [EP] as well as all the instrumentals and acapellas for said EP, AltWire, Mike Shinoda and the largest Linkin Park fan sites are all teaming up to give you the chance to win a one-of-a-kind prize from the man himself.

“I’m partnering with Altwire and the biggest LP / MS fan sites to give you a chance to remix the Post Traumatic EP. Our ambassadors and fan sites will be helping me judge this contest, and I will be selecting one grand prize winner. All finalists’ remixes will be featured on my site and socials.” – Mike Shinoda

This is an ambitious concept intended to showcase the massive amount of musical talent that we know from previous Linkin Park remix competitions already exists within the fan community. We are challenging fans to compete and show off their musical skills, using any and all tools available to them to create their entry. To promote fairness, all runners up will be listed, but only one lucky fan will walk away with the grand prize.


– Remixers must upload their track on their Soundcloud with the tag RemixPostTraumatic and submit the song via this entry form HERE.

– Remixers can submit one remix per track (one “Place To Start”, one “Over Again,” and/or one “Watching As I Fall”).

– While remixers are authorized to use official Post Traumatic acapellas and samples of the Post Traumatic instrumentals to come up with the music for their remixes, any samples that come from other copyrighted works or material are strictly prohibited and will lead to disqualification.



Linkin Park Association

Linkin Park  Fan Corner 

Linkin Park Live

The Linkin Park Ambassador Program (Ambassadors are designated fan representatives that are not part of the other committees listed, but represent their country of origin)

These committees will sort through all the remix submissions and ultimately vote internally for the top choice. Judges are not allowed to submit a remix. Each committee will select one “finalist” remixer and submit their final pick to Altwire. Those five finalists will have their work submitted to Mike Shinoda, with his final vote deciding the grand prize winner!

But to up the ante, we’re offering you more than just Shinoda bragging rights. What’s at stake, you ask? Check out the awesome prizes we’ve procured for you below:


– One lucky grand prize winner will receive an original piece of art, made by hand and signed by Mike Shinoda.

– The top 5 finalists will all get a special item autographed by Mike Shinoda.

– The top 5 finalists’ remixes will be posted for free download on

To get started, download the official instrumentals and acapellas here.

And be sure to submit your final works here: OFFICIAL ENTRY PAGE




Winner Announced: Week of March 20th right here on and Mike Shinoda socials.


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  6. Julian

    Hello, currently having an issue. I just tried uploading my remix to YouTube, and within seconds, they took it down…before I even had a chance to add the tag in the title. I really want to submit it for this contest. I’m hesitant to upload it to SoundCloud, cause I’ve had two tracks of mine taken down in the past. What should I do? When I tried to upload it to YouTube, they blocked it worldwide, but I see other entries that remain up. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  7. Pushkin

    Will be demo versions examined? For example, if I won’t finish the remix by the time, can I upload what is already done as demo?

  8. Max Duggan

    I talked to some of the judges on the other forums about this, but I’m worried that I’ll be disqualified so I really want to make sure that this is okay. I have an interview of Mike Shinoda that’s a central part of my remix. On the Linkin Park forums they said it was okay, but I wasn’t sure if this was considered copyrighted material. Do you know if I’ll be disqualified since I have an interview? Again, on LPA they said it was okay, but I want to double check.

  9. Gruber

    Hey, so can I upload a remix to Soundcloud or YouTube without it getting a copyright strike? I did a remix only to the song “A Place To Start”, so I’m going to send you 2 links of it, one on YouTube and one on Soundcloud incase one if them will go down, is this ok?

    • Derek Oswald

      We are allowing YouTube uploads if SoundCloud strikes it. SoundCloud SHOULD be okay now as Warner cleared all Post Traumatic songs, but if it’s not, submit via YouTube. If that (YouTube) is still giving you crap? Let us know.

  10. Zu

    Hi,i just want to double check if my track has been submitted by the artist nam ‘Zu’.
    I have really worked hard for it.I hope the opportunity don’t slip away fro my hand.
    Could you please confirm ? if not i will re fill the form again.Thanks.

  11. Nate

    I put 2 videos (Over Again and Watching as I Fall) with just vocals added on YouTube a couple days after the EP came out and hadit tagged for copyright, but they allowed it to stay up with monetization for Warner. Wierd that it is giving problems now.

    On another note, SoundCloud allowed me to post tonight, though I have modified it a little more.

  12. John Mane

    I wanna know guys… Are views and plays in Soundcloud and Youtube important to win, or it’s only the judges business?
    Because I think its unfair because there are bigger artist with a fanbase made.

  13. DC Productions

    Hi, I submitted the Youtube link, because everybody was having trouble on soundcloud, but I have it on both platforms with the required Hashtag, can you confirm my submission please? Under DC Productions, the song “over again” . Thanks

  14. Salvatore Salvatore Planeta

    Hello to all of you of AltWire, I am Planet Saver of the group MEDUSA DRAGON that I founded, I just wanted to tell you that I hope that my two remixes are not underestimated, because I put all my love and passion for music and all the my experience of 26 as a musician, and an honor for me to write to you, I hope for a positive result. Thanks for everything

  15. Braden Ross

    Hi, i just wanted to make sure that my submission was accepted. I posted it to Sound cloud pretty close to the deadline, which is why I’m concerned.

  16. Shipra

    Just wondering, when will the results be announced… a week? Is that what you guys mean by “week of March 20th”?

  17. Julian

    Now that the RemixPostTraumatic contest has reached its end, are we enabled to edit our remixes and add more elements to them? For example, you submitted your remixes into the contest, but now that it’s over, you want to add more to them and refine them, maybe mix and master it better, or add original vocals. Can we do that now that the contest is completed? Also, can we share them to YouTube, if they were just on SoundCloud?

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