May 2018


The Vibesmen Interview: A Chat With Jesse Johnson

The Vibesmen are a five-piece band based out of Annapolis, MD that draws their influences from a diverse selection of artists like 311, The Police, and Oasis and whose sound seamlessly combines elements of reggae, rock, punk rock, funk, and hip-hop. Recently their bassist, Jesse Johnson took a moment to talk to us about the […]


Forts Like Vana: Video Interview

Recently we had the opportunity to talk to a new and upcoming band called Forts Like Vana. Hailing from Nashville, TN, and having only been founded in January 2018, they are a young alternative band in their early 20’s who “give a damn about working harder and playing [their] hardest”. Their goal as they grow […]

CD Reviews

[Album Review] Circle of Dust – alt_Machines

While Klayton’s most playful persona was recently revisited with Scandroid’s latest remix album, Dreams in Monochrome, Circle of Dust easily represents the most aggressive side of things for the Detroit producer/musician. Following almost two decades of inactivity, seeing the project resurrected in 2016 with newly remastered versions of the original material was certainly surprising. With […]

CD Reviews

[Album Review] TT – LoveLaws

“I need a little room to sway.” Exquisite Corpse is a tremendously beautiful piece of work. Be it the dreamy, lullaby tones of ‘Billie Holiday’, or perhaps the gorgeously absorbing layers of reverb drenching the guitar licks of ‘Krimson’, Exquisite Corpse stands tall as one of the most enchanting debut EPs of any band, painting […]


[Tour Recap] LAW Records – None Escape The Law Tour

The LAW Records, “None Escape The Law Tour” launched this spring with reggae sensations, Kash’d Out (Orlando, Fl), Tunnel Vision (San Clemente, CA) and Seranation (St. Petersburg, Fl)! For Seranation, this is their first tour, which they launched in their hometown. Their latest album, Livin’ the Dream has topped the iTunes Reggae Charts, making this […]