Sugarshine Interview: Talking With Justin’e Hatfield

8 March CHSL GK questions, By Princ...

Meet Sugarshine, whose music style is what they like to call “Southern Reggae.” They’re part of the rapid growing reggae movement in South Carolina.  Their incorporation of rock and blues, gives their unique music style a combination of Southern Hospitality and Irie Vibes! Sugarshine’s vocalist and acoustic guitarist, Justin’e Hatfield took some time to chat […]


Sun-Dried Vibes: Vibin’ With Zach Fowler

Meet Sun-Dried Vibes, based out of South Carolina, where there’s an already rapidly growing reggae scene! Recently, their vocalist and guitarist, Zach Fowler, took the time speak to our Altwire family. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview for our readers and our family at Altwire! AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: For […]

Artists To Watch

Artists To Watch: Welles

Hailing from Ozark, Arkansas, Jeh Sea Wells’ rock project, Welles, has certainly been finding its feet over the last 12 months. From the release of debut 2017 EP, Codine, to the recent 2018 worldwide tour supporting multiple Grammy nominated rock act, Highly Suspect, Welles’ exposure to a wider audience is well and truly underway. And to be completely honest, it’s […]


Badda Skat Interview: Inspiring Roots Reggae

Aaron Ugosmith, publicly known as Badda Skat, is one of St. Petersburg, Florida’s reggae sensations, among an already growing music scene statewide. Badda Skat’s roots reggae style brings an inspiring message of spiritual consciousness that’ll stay with you beyond the time he leaves the stage. To know him, is to love him. His music and his out […]

CD Reviews

[Album Review] AWOLNATION- Here Comes The Runts

Citing influences from the likes of Michael Jackson to Madonna, to Prince and Nirvana, lead vocalist and frontman Aaron Bruno’s ever-shifting style throughout his many projects, consistently dropping older ideas in favor of a newer approach when possible, can perhaps best be described as similar behavior to the famous idiom, a ‘moth drawn to the flame’. From punk rock 90s effort, Insurgence, through to […]


[AltWire Interview] The Intracoastals

On January 27, 2018, I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with the members of The Intracoastals as they were opening up for Ballyhoo! at New Smyrna Beach, Florida’s Beachside Tavern. With their reggae-surf-rock style, they’ve gained some local celebrity status and very soon they’ll be sharing stages with some of the biggest names […]