AltWire Fast Five – Metal (Week of 02/03/2019)

Sometimes you just need a little pick me up to start your day. That’s where Fast Five comes in. Compromised of bite sized playlists, posted often, “the five” gives you a taste of the best in music right now, featuring tracks from many genres. See our picks below for our Metal songs of the week.

 Born of Osiris – Cycles of Tragedy

The Simulation has some of Born of Osiris‘ best work, and it definitely shows here on the album cut “Cycles of Tragedy”. From what we have gathered, Cycles appears to be a song about how unpredictable life can be. It’s all about taking risks, and being afraid of losing and the pain that loss will bring. The song still retains the same progressive and almost robotic feel that Osiris is known for, but the solo shows a little bit more of a different side of Lee, with his familiar technicality, but a lot more feeling and soul than what we’ve heard before.


Thy Art Is Murder – Death Perception

“Death Perception” is Thy Art doing what they do best, writing killer and brutal material. Instrumentally, this song impresses with a great poly-rhythm breakdown section that you can throw down to. The name of the song could easily be tied to its lyrical themes in the sense that it criticizes christian religion with lyrics like “blind disciples, burn your Bibles”. Towards the end of the song listeners are subjected to intense lyrics about judgement day, closing off with the lines “The lions of war, devour the lamb of the lord”. Lyrically the song presents itself as a mighty anthem proclaiming war against organized religion.


In Flames – I, The Mask

This new release from In Flames has had many of our metal loving staff absolutely bopping over here at AltWire. In Flames never ceases to bring the “heat” to the table. From the iconic chugging riffs to the fast drum beats, this is a true masterpiece.


 Jinjer – Perennial

Jinjer is a metal band with a true scream queen, and the haunting harmonics of Tatiana’s voice continue to blow us away. We forever remain impressed with their work, and “Perennial” is no exception. A bit darker and slower than the traditional Jinjer fare, this track will be hard for metal fans not to completely embrace and love.


Soilwork – Witan

This song is mesmerizing. A true Soilwork masterpiece. The high energy, raw emotion and insane vocals say it all. This song discusses a dark clouded mind going through a rough time. It’s a smash hit and a welcome addition to this list for the emotion it pulls out of us alone.

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