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Julian Marley – “As I Am”

At one point Julian “Ju Ju” Marley once said, “I do not plan the next step, I just continue on with Jah Works and somehow things will just come together naturally that way.” Those words have applied to his journey in his part in the conscious reggae movement, and apply to his latest album, As I Am.

This is a compilation that lifts your spirit with tracks such as “Chalice Load,” and “Magic of Love (Compassion).” “Cooling in Jamaica,” will have you drifting to the Caribbean paradise. If you’re a child of the 60s rock ‘n roll era or simply enjoy some classic rock, you’ll love his reggae twist on the cover of Tom Jones’ “What’s New Pussycat”. And finally, if you’re looking for the perfect track for romance on a higher level, “Biology” is the perfect addition to any lover’s rock playlist.

Julian Marley truly follows in his legendary father’s footsteps by keeping the legacy alive and adding his unique style. He’s currently touring the East Coast throughout the month of May. When our team asked him about this current tour, he stated that the major highlights have been “Meeting the wonderful people and being able share my music with them, that’s my main joy.”

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