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Slightly Stoopid – How I Spent My Summer Vacation (2019 Summer Tour)

All artist photos are courtesy of Omayra Lopez.

Slightly Stoopid recently kicked off their Summer Tour, starting in Florida and our team caught them at the Space Coast, with guests; Tribal Seeds, Matysiahu, and Hirie

The sunshine state did not live up to its name, as it was hit with heavy rain and thunderstorms the entire weekend. As a result, HIRIE’s set got cut short. But that did not stop this princess of reggae from giving her all during her acoustic session.

When we asked her guitarist, Blaine Dillinger about this experience, he said, “I felt really connected, honestly. Then I felt really bad for the equipment. There is something magical about grabbing a couple of acoustic guitars and playing music with your family and for your friends. The fans put up with a lot to spend that time with us and it made me dig deep to show them how much we appreciate their support. And thanks to borrowing Slightly Stoopid’s guitars I now have a Taylor T5 on my bucketlist!” As the band were en route to Baltimore, from Atlanta, he went on to say,

“The shows have been amazing so far! So many great fans and all the bands are freaking amazing to watch! In between shows have been full of trials to overcome and learn from. We’ve had mechanical issues with the bus, weather issues including rainstorms and blistering heat, and some incredibly long drives. We are finding ways to come together and rise to the occasion, so I am grateful for the opportunity to grow and learn new life skills. I could use a real day off though, soon!”

The resiliency of the fans made this show one of my most unforgettable experiences. The rain caused over 12 inches of flooding within the amphitheater and some of the fans decided to play in the mud just to kill time. I’ve never been to Woodstock, but with the scene that unfolded  – that’s exactly what I imagined!

The show continued with Matysiahu and Tribal Seeds, leading up to Slightly Stoopid’s headline. 

One of the moments I enjoy most at concerts are band mashups and this lineup did not disappoint! 

Matysiahu and HIRIE joined in when Tribal Seeds performed their hit, “The Garden” and HIRIE joined in on Slightly Stoopid’s hit “Mona June”, in which their original track features vocalist Angela Hunte. 

This event literally went on rain or shine and it was worth it. 

This all-star lineup has shown us that going to a reggae concert is one of the best ways to spend a summer vacation!

The Cali-based band is currently touring the Northeast Coast, and will be ending their summer on West Coast. 

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Omayra Lopez

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