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The Debut of Seranation – Sweet Temptation

Seranation has held a special place in my heart since the first time I saw them perform at a small local venue in the north Orlando area back in 2017.

Their years of building a loyal following of local fans in their hometown of St. Pete has finally been paying off , and I’ve felt beyond fortunate to witness their well deserved success.

The result of that success has led to their full length album, Livin’ The Dream, under LAW Records. Their latest single, Sweet Temptation, was produced by Sublime with Rome’s very own, Rome Ramirez.

When discussing the production of this track, the band said, “Sweet Temptation is a song about the different desires we experience in life. We all feel them, but giving in is your choice.”

For me, this track had a sentimental and nostalgic feel as I’ve contemplated on my own desires in life.

Sweet Temptation is a great addition to the summer playlist, and you’ll enjoy it much more if you catch them perform it live on their current tour with Sublime with Rome, SOJA and Common Kings.

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