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HIRIE Releases New Album – Dreamer

HIRIE - Dreamer
California based reggae/tropical-pop band, HIRIE have just released their latest album, Dreamer,  written with the collaboration of The Drive—a.k.a. songwriters Mark Merthe and Nate Evans, and majorly inspired by the book, Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, which explores feminine instinct and power while celebrating “that wild woman archetype.”
The book had a remarkable impact on front woman, Trish Jetton, and led her to writing the breezy free-spirited anthem, the hit single, “Stay Wild.” On its production, the reggae starlet stated, “This album is about raw honesty. I feel like I was braver with exploring my emotional state and how that swings back and forth—allowing myself to be brutally honest.”

Of all her albums, Dreamer is her most raw album, and relates to just about every situation a woman is faced with.

The hit single, “I Like The Way You Roll” features Slightly Stoopid and reminds you of the friendships you make while you roll. “Better as Is” describes the unconventional relationship and ways to work through minor issues, for the best of both parties. “Frida Kahlo”, and “Reason to Fly” will help inspire the dreamer to create their best reality while allowing the space to “Stay Wild.”

These tracks are all amazing and they’ll sound even better live.

Make sure to catch the band on their fall tour with Matisyahu, and headlining in select cities on the East Coast!


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