3D STAS Releases New Single “Brainwashed” (Featuring Soul Extract) [Press Release]

3D Stas “Brainwashed” is the fifth single releasing from the artist ahead of an anticipated debut album with FiXT. Featuring enigmatic electronic-rock artist Soul Extract, “Brainwashed” offers an aggressive breakbeat track delivering heavy rock guitars and formidable beats for an intense sound weighted by divergent purpose.


3D Stas made his FIXT label debut with the highly energetic, electronic/metal hybrid “Dominant Paradigm” (feat. Charlies Bowes), marking the first in a series of singles from a full-length 3D Stas album coming later this year on FiXT. Existing singles available include “Rain of the Dead” featuring vocalist Robin Adams, “Deep Scars” with fellow FiXT artist The Qemists and “Dominant Paradigm” with Charlie Bowes.

Altwire Staff:

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