Troydak Traco Refuses to Surrender His Grind on “Decline”

Troydak Traco, from the gritty city of Gary, IN, has a message for everybody who feels that the dark clouds overhead are permanent. On his new release, Decline, he informs the world that regardless of the haters, plotters, and backstabbers that he is here to win.

That’s regardless of him having:

Alot of sh*t on my mind/

 When I need someone to talk to everybody Decline/

Smoke the pain away, I smoke the morning blunt like three times/

Don’t nobody wanna hear me they don’t wanna be kind/

But I’mma keep up my grind

Despite the constant obstacles, Troydak finds a dope and soulful way to encourage the world to keep pushing through everything and watch the toxic elements surrounding them. But, no matter what, keep your eyes on the entire reason for your grind…

…even when everybody Declines. 

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