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How To Play Both Ori Games, Including Will of the Wisps for $1

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Blind Forest is an award winning 2D platformer Metroidvania. It was the debut title for Moon Studios, a remotely operated Indie studio.

The story opens with Ori, a creature somewhat resembling a cat, suffering a tragic loss at the hands of the “blind forest.” Ori teams up with a creature/homing missile named Sein. Together, they are tasked with returning the forest to its former glory.

The art is incredible, the story is adorable, the gameplay is challenging and fulfilling. It is chock full of PCP (puzzles, combat and platforming). If you haven’t played Ori & the Blind Forest, don’t worry: it is currently available to all Xbox Game Pass users.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps Xbox One Game Pass

For those unfamiliar with Xbox Game Pass, it’s like the Netflix of the gaming world (only users have the option to purchase content at a discounted rate if you want to own them). For $14.99/month, users get access to more than 100 games with titles changing on a monthly basis. Included in this library are Xbox Game Studio titles, the same day as launch. This means that on March 11th, when the average Ori fan is paying $29.99, existing Game Pass users will be playing for free.

Still not sold? There is an introductory deal going on for new members. Select the Ultimate membership referenced in this article for $1 for the first month and cancel if you don’t like it. Worst case scenario: you can say that you played both games in the Ori series for $1.


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