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For Chester Bennington – A Birthday Tribute

Image Credit: Bill Whitmire (2013)

To say that we here at AltWire have been influenced by the immense talent that is Chester Bennington could not be more of an understatement if we tried.

As fans of the band, we found a medium to explore new genres, new experiences, and new ways of being part of an amazing fan community. To that end, we owe Linkin Park so much. To Mike, Brad, Joe, Rob and Dave, we cannot thank enough for the amazing memories they helped craft.

But Chester Bennington? In Chester, we found a voice. Our roots as music lovers are in debt to Chester, and his voice gave every tiny, tangible thought that lay in the back of our minds a way to reach through and be seen. Be heard. We, as a fan community, have screamed the lyrics more times than we can remember. We do not need to tell each other what to sing – we have already sung the words a million times over, and Chester is to thank for that.

With this in mind, we here at AltWire would like to not only thank Chester Bennington, but also the fellow fans who have sung along with us. The fans who we know are probably singing along with us right now, as we reflect on ten amazing fan covers that we’ve seen over the years and remember Chester for his birthday.

With love, and in memory of Chester Bennington
The AltWire Team

Jonathan Young – Breaking The Habit (Acoustic Cover)

Painted Young – Pushing Me Away

 One Voice Children’s Choir – One More Light

Ai Mori – Crawling (Russian Language Cover)

Tris Mikal – Shadow of The Day (Acoustic Cover)

Kim Bo – Linkin Park Piano Medley

Lights and Sounds – Waiting For The End

VCTMS – One Step Closer

Janet Devlin – Numb

Rob Marconi – Given Up

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