March 2020


10 Tasty Riffs – Celldweller

Miyavi Ohhhh boy. Narrowing down to a mere ten ‘tasty’ Celldweller guitar riffs wasn’t easy. Welcome, friends, to the second installment of Ten Tasty Riffs, my personal recurring series on the wonderful world of guitar riffs that catch my attention. To reclarify, this is by no means a ‘top ten’ or ‘best of’ list: there […]


How To Play Both Amazing Ori Games, For $1

Ori and the Blind Forest (part of two Ori Games) is an award winning 2D platformer Metroidvania. It was the debut title for Moon Studios, a remotely operated Indie studio. The story opens with Ori, a creature somewhat resembling a cat, suffering a tragic loss at the hands of the “blind forest.” Ori teams up […]

Artists To Watch

E N Young – Queendom: Empowering Female Anthem

California reggae artist, E N Young just released his latest single, Queendom, dedicated to the unsung (s)heroes of reggae, the female supporters and artists. This track is very empowering as he addresses women on all walks of life from the stay at home mom, to the single mom with multiple jobs and side hustles.  Queendom […]