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Taller Tales - Serendipity

Baltimore, Maryland based Alt Rock band has just released their latest single, Serendipity

This is a track that’s great to listen to when you’re reflecting on life and moments that result in what the title implies.

From their press release:

“It’s a song that’s been burning a hole through me for longer than I knew it was there. It’s as naked as I’ve ever been in music. I’ve spent a lot of my adult life working through this kind of prolonged existential crisis and awakening process and when it boils to a head at times it can be absolutely debilitating. ‘Serendipity’ came out of one of those darker moments for me.” – Taller Tales frontman and writer Bryan Kotsher. 


The single demonstrates Taller Tales’ penchant for explosive energy and infectious melodies such as on their debut EP “Kalorama,” but has a novel character all it’s own that feels like an organic evolution for the alternative trio. It also features perhaps the bands most powerful vocal performance to date.


“We’re never gonna be one thing, I just don’t think it’s possible. I’ve tried and failed to write in a box so many times,” explains Kotsher. “Taller Tales will just be what it is.”

Serendipity is now available on all streaming platforms!



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