November 2021


Mike Shinoda ZIGGURATS & The Exciting Future of CryptoTech

Mike Shinoda has been quite busy recently. Over the last four years, the co-vocalist and songwriter for Linkin Park has launched a solo career and worked on numerous projects (including a new experimental mixtape EP called Ziggurats). While the COVID-19 pandemic presented several challenges, Mike Shinoda utilized the lockdown to connect with his fans. He now streams several times a […]


One Tree Hill (2003): Genius Shows We Loved

One Tree Hill was one of the most popular teen dramas on television when it premiered during the early 2000s. It followed two half-brothers, Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan Scott (James Lafferty), who grew up in a small fictional town called Tree Hill, North Carolina. They both play for Tree Hill’s high school basketball […]


Linkin Park: 7 Reasons They Are The Best Band

Linkin Park is a global phenomenon with millions of fans around the world. The band has sold over 50 million albums worldwide. In addition, their music has been featured in numerous video games, movies, trailers, and TV shows. Linkin Park is genre-bending AF and is adored their fans for their ability to shift genres with […]