Altwire Podcast Episode 2, Season 1 – The Legendary John Feldmann (Goldfinger / Producer)

Season 1 of the Altwire Podcast continues with some punk-rock and ska-punk royalty: In this episode of the Altwire Podcast, we chat with John Feldmann, Grammy-nominated record producer and lead singer of Goldfinger. Goldfinger is widely credited as a contributor to the third-wave movement of ska in the 1990s, a version of ska that saw […]


Musical Sensation Payton Releases Debut EP ‘Insomnia’

On his nineteenth birthday, July 28th, (happy birthday!), singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist payton dropped his six track debut EP, Insomnia. With hook-heavy catchy pop songs combined with confessional lyrics, the Insomnia EP is a stunner. Since the release of his soul-baring debut single, “Love Letter” which arrived in April 2020 and amassed more than 1.5 […]


Calgary Stampede / July 10th, 2022: Milky Chance

On July 10, 2022, Germany-based band Milky Chance took to the Coca-Cola Stage at the Calgary Stampede. This night was the most packed I have ever seen at the Calgary Stampede, the crowd extended into the carnival rides and food vendors. Milky Chance definitely summoned most of the city that night.  They put on fantastic […]