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10 Tasty Riffs – The Material

You know who I miss? The Material. Now, sure – we got the Grey States 2018 EP after a long hiatus, and the band is certainly still around… but Everything I Want to Say dropped in 2013 and suddenly that feels like a long, long time ago. Full of huge, pop punk/alt rock Colleen D’Agostino-led […]


10 Tasty Riffs – Celldweller

Miyavi Ohhhh boy. Narrowing down to a mere ten ‘tasty’ Celldweller guitar riffs wasn’t easy. Welcome, friends, to the second installment of Ten Tasty Riffs, my personal recurring series on the wonderful world of guitar riffs that catch my attention. To reclarify, this is by no means a ‘top ten’ or ‘best of’ list: there […]


Ghost: 10 Explosive Riffs

This week we focus on the incredible riffs of, Ghost! Welcome, friends, to a brand new series that will revolve around one of my favourite things in the world: the wonderfully diverse universe of guitar riffs. More specifically, ten guitar riffs from a particular band that I personally find noteworthy from an enjoyment point of […]