[Album Review] Anne-Marie – Speak Your Mind

Speak Your Mind is the debut studio album by British Pop singer, Anne-Marie. The 27-year-old singer has attained several charting singles on the UK Singles Chart. She was also featured on Clean Bandit’s “Rockabye,” which peaked at number one. Ever since the release of her first single, “Alarm,” she has been a consistent sensation in the pop world, and every single she has released to support the album has appeared on the UK Singles Chart. Based on her record of success, it is safe to say that Anne-Marie is a hit maker.

The British singer takes us through 17-tracks of exciting pop sounds as she tries to mask a heartbreaking experience in electro-pop sounds. From “Cry” to “Bad Girlfriend,” she revisits her previous relationship while exposing the deceit and infidelity of her ex-lover. On “Then” and “Alarm,” she tells the story of a man who ungratefully ignored the love she had for him while cheating on her.

She goes from hiding the heartbreak she feels to expressing love and facing the pain caused by it. On “Machine”, she sings “…….wouldn’t have a heart so you couldn’t break it”. She also pours out her heart on “Some People”, while singing soulfully “I don’t know why I try I cry, I cry, I cry my eyes out.” Who would have thought the “Bad Girlfriend“ would care about feelings in a relationship. Unlike “Ciao Adios” in which she playfully says goodbye, “Used To Love You,” and “Peak” are soulful yet she still finds a way to infuse the pop sound on both songs. On “Peak,” she questions herself while wondering if she did anything wrong, stole, or cheated in the relationship before concluding, “No, I didn’t do anything but love.”

With every song, she showcases the quality of her voice by the fluid transition of her vocal pitch. On “Some People” and “Peak” she exhibits her vocal dexterity and proves she doesn’t need the influence of heavy drum beats, electronic or reggaeton sounds to create a captivating song.

Outstanding on this album, is her rhythmic style which she uses to change the tempo, flow, and vocal range in the last chorus of every song. This effect goes beyond yearning to listen to the song till the end. It also makes you want to have it on repeat. This album is another win for Anne-Marie because she has succeeded in creating multiple potential radio hits. Although this album features a lot of electronic sounds, she doesn’t rely on it to capture the attention of listeners. Take away the electronic effect, and you’d still get a magnificent pop album. Anne-Marie is an exciting artists who has been able to master every element required to make great pop songs.

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