Album Review: Disturbed – Immortalized


Since Disturbed’s formation in 1994, the members of the American heavy metal band have built quite a reputation for themselves in the music industry while serving as an influence for many aspiring artists. Although the individual members aren’t remarkably notable, though that can be highly disputed given the current main vocalist’s (David Draiman) notably husky voice, the group as a whole is more than capable of making acoustically sound music. This is still the case for them today, in spite of their five year hiatus since October 2011, as they recently released their sixth studio album on August 21st.

Disturbed’s latest album, Immortalized, doesn’t seem to break away from their typically fast-paced sound or dark lyrics so there isn’t as much variation in terms of style between each track. Whereas this may make the songs a little more predictable, Disturbed is evidently changing their sound a bit although it’s rather marginal. Despite this, the band still manages to create distinct songs throughout the album while maintaining its contradictory inspiration–that is, the entire album doesn’t try to give hope or unrealistic positivity to audience members. Instead, they emphasize the journey and thoughts one may experience through dark times and encourage people to embrace it and not reject it. In other words, people are prodded to find their own way by means of self-empowerment. Although the instrumentals and vocals can help evoke more of this chaotic turmoil throughout the album, it is simultaneously motivating through the story-telling lyrics.

As a whole, Disturbed’s album, Immortalized, is intensely immersing. With the combination of the dramatic instrumentals and enthralling vocals, the album can almost be considered cathartic given the ranging topics covered. It’s not recommended to all, but it’s quite a comeback given their five year break.

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