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Fact: Here’s an interesting tidbit for all the Star Wars n00bs reading this. Yavin 4 is the moon where the rebel base was located in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope!  

I knew immediately that The Yavin 4 would be in my playlist. First of all, I’m a sucker for classic rock. Secondly…the band’s name is The Yavin 4. Self-Explanatory, right?

Sigh. I forget that most of the world are mere Star Wars fans.

The Yavin 4 and I have one thing in common, we LIVE in that galaxy far, far away. I could tell they were also residents by the title of the first song, “Red 5” , on their debut album “Intergalactic Rock N Roll“. It was a noble gesture to start this album off with a song named after Luke Skywalker’s call sign during the Battle of Yavin. The Alliance’s first strike in the Galactic Civil War could accurately describe the Yavin 4’s first album.

A Victory.

However, we have to remember that Red 5 was also the call sign for another famous Skywalker.

(cues heavy breathing)

Yes, this album has a dark side! My inner Sith begins to shiver in anticipation. I hear my new theme song. Damn, that’s a bad ass lead guitar! Listen to that accompaniment behind it! I can feel my Force lightning begin to charge. Then all of a sudden I hear, “Kenoooobi”

I’m jealous. This awesome song that makes me want to kick ass is an ode to a Jedi?!

My robes are brown my hair is a wizened white/
The force is with me, I’m a Jedi Knight/
I fought in the clone wars, and I kept the peace/
If you strike me down my powers only increase

It’s obvious that Jedis also don’t fear death.

This is a classic concept album that I am surprised I hadn’t heard until a month ago. What really stood out for me on the album were the way the lyrics were like each song title’s adjectives:

Boots strapped tight, blasters set to kill/
If it comes to that, then you know I will/
Jetpack fueled, the trap is set/
If you think you’ll escape, then I’ll take that bet

Even Carbonite-encased Han Solo could tell you who is the subject of those lyrics. The sound quality of IGRR was good. Jason Bambery did a great job mixing this album. I had fun listening to the parody songs on this album. On “Han Shot First”, they capture the smuggler’s thoughts when confronted by Greedo in A New Hope:

Greedo never had a chance/
It’s no fun with a price on your head/
And a walking carpet is your only friend/
A smuggler’s life is so much harder/
When every bounty hunter wants to turn you in

One downfall of this album is it’s gonna fail to reel in the younger demographic who aren’t Star Wars fans. I am a Star Wars nutcase so I love the character references on the album. Or, maybe it’s selfish of me to want to build more interest in my favorite fandom. Turn the millions into billions!

Meanwhile, in a galaxy far, far away from Tattooine…

The Yavin 4 is an excellent band and I think that people would be willing to give them a shot based on their talent alone. I could see the replay value going much higher amongst Star Wars virgins if there were a couple of tracks that focused on introducing people to the Star Wars Universe. However, I don’t think The Yavin 4 is too concerned with that.

When I talked to band member, Benny on Facebook he told me that they were “lifers”. In other words, true to their roots. The roots that serve as the foundation for the tree of Rock and Roll.

It’s rare to find a group with that type of dedication to their genre these days. Rock stars sound more like pop stars. Pop stars trying to convince people that they are actually R&B artists. The Yavin 4 is only trying to convince people that they’re the best at what they do. I can respect them for that.

May the Force be with you guys, to Yavin 4 and beyond!

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