AltWire Fast Five – 2019 8th Annual Spring Break Reggae Fest

On the second to last weekend of March, Jerry’s Tiki Bar and Grill is the place to go in Florida’s Northeast Atlantic Coast to kick off the beginning of Spring with their annual reggae fest consisting of two stages with the best of Florida reggae and great food! This year, it was headlined by Pepper’s legendary front-man, Bret Bollinger and his band, The Bad Habits.

The evening lineup featured The Holdup, Katastro, and Orlando based sensations, Gary Dread and H0R!ZEN and was hosted by St. Pete’s reggae sensation Badda Skat who also shared the stage with Gary Dread during his set.

Check out some photos from the show below:

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This week’s BONUS edition of fast five is comprised of the latest from that fest’s lineup!

Bret Bollinger – Mama Don’t Know

One of the many songs that Pepper’s front-man performed at the fest, “Mama Don’t Know” is so catchy you’ll add to your romantic heartache playlist. If you’ve ever dated someone who your mom disapproves of, this is a track that you will surely relate to! A reminder that the heart wants what it wants.

Katastro – Giving Me Up

The Arizona based band Katastro smoothly combines trance, funk, reggae and hip hop which trademarks their signature style. This is another song to add to your breakup playlist as it explains the receiving end of it as it harshly describes a toxic relationship where you’ve held on far after its end.

The Holdup – Closet’s All Black

From the California based band’s latest album, Killing Time, this track is all about keeping it real and demanding honesty in all your relationships. With their signature mix of r&b, reggae and indie, this track goes to show that your wallet is thicker and life is easier with just a few close friends.

Gary Dread – Chalice

The Orlando based reggae star (who’s also the drummer of The Movement) has a style that combines roots reggae with hip hop reminiscent to what most may remember in the 90s as it relates to social and political justice. With the widespread awareness across the country on the benefits of cannabis, this track demands that greedy politicians legalize it so all those who need it can access it.

Brothers Within – Back Up

One of the many original songs from their debut self-titled EP, and performed at their hometown set, Brothers Within have gained local celebrity status and this track is a perfect addition to your summer playlist as you plan your next beach outing. “Back Up” is a reminder to let go of all things that are beyond your control and focus on the present moment as the music takes over your senses.

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