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American Wolves

AW: American Wolves are only two years young by official accounts; how old is it by intentions and the relationship between the four of you? How and when did the band get together?

American Wolves: The band is actually new. We all played together for the very first time in August, 2015. We debuted as a band on Billboard with our single Part of Me this past March.

Rod lived in Brazil until he moved to Rhode Island as a teenager and met Rob (a Rhode Island native) through mutual friends at a 4th of July party in 2012. Rod and Rob were in a “heavier” band together throughout 2013 & 2014 but in Spring 2015 decided to start fresh with a new project and take a different direction.

They began writing the EP in Spring 2015 and in early Summer 2015 went to record with producer Dan Korneff. Meanwhile, our manager Jordan was looking for potential members to complete the band.

Nikki is originally from small town Honey Brooke, Pennsylvania. She was performing at a music festival in Philadelphia when Jordan spotted her. Tyler is originally from Phoenix, Arizona where he was making the YouTube videos that led to his discovery.

In September 2015, despite having never met Rod and Rob in person, Nikki and Tyler flew into Rhode Island to rehearse and shoot the music video for Part Of Me.

With the Billboard premier locked in for March 2016, and the news of an upcoming tour with Escape The Fate in April, the gang regrouped and set up base at Nikki’s place in Philly.

AW: Your debut single, “Part of Me”, was teased with only a few seconds before its premiere on Billboard. Can you put into words seeing such a positive response and build of anticipation from people before they even heard the song in its entirety? Was there any worry over expectations developed with those few seconds?

American Wolves: It’s tough to put into words but it’s been very exciting to see such a positive response to Part of Me. The fact that we developed a following before the our debut was even released was an indicator of good things to come. The positive response from fans definitely fuels us to continue making great music and growing together.

AW: Now thinking beyond just the single “Part of Me,” could you say it represents the rest of your upcoming EP that’s coming up or should fans expect a diverse range of sound from American Wolves?

American Wolves: Fans can definitely expect a diverse sound on the EP. We were very intentional about making every song on the EP different. Every song is special in it’s own way. We want to create timeless music for our fans to listen to us through all seasons of their lives.

AW:  Speaking of which, when can fans expect to have more music come their way?

American Wolves: Fans can expect new music by late summer/early fall of this year and our first full length record will follow that in 2017.

13116326_10154054173865856_8166863155299457071_o“Every track has it’s own unique vibe. Each is an anthem in its own way…”

AW:  What songs are you most excited for fans to hear from the EP? Are they any tracks you’re super excited for fans to hear beyond ‘Part of Me’?

American Wolves: All of them, every track has it’s own unique vibe. Each is an anthem in its own way.

“Hold On To The Night” is a great song we’re all excited for fans to hear. It’s about making the most of what you have while you have it because nothing on earth lasts forever.

AW: Your entrance into the music landscape has been quite fast and successful­ has there been a quiet building of connection to fans before this, before promoting of the Billboard premiere? How do you intend to hold onto the relationship between band and fans as you charge forward?

American Wolves: All of us individually had a following before American Wolves. But from the very start of this band people have been very supporting. Its great. We intend to hold on to the relationship we’re building with our fans by continuing to make and release great music, being honest, and always making sure that our fans know that they’re the reason we’re here, playing music, doing what we love.

AW: You guys, just finished your first tour as a band with Escape The Fate and Get Scared, are there any more plans to tour for the EP? Any particular bands you strive to someday share a stage with?

American Wolves: Yes, we will definitely be touring again soon in 2016. We would absolutely love to share the stage with The 1975, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Blink 182, Paramore, and Boys Like Girls to name a few.

AW: Finally, beyond touring what’s next for American Wolves in 2016? What can fans expect in the year ahead?

American Wolves: Let’s just say whoever sticks with us is in for something unimaginably great. We’re a band that makes the most of what we have. We believe 2017 will be a very fun year for us all!

American Wolves – “Part of Me”:

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