[AltWire Interview] Artist Becky Daly

Artists are the glue that holds us together in this world. Stories, photos, paintings, statues, music, video games, and multiple other things keep us together. Without artists and what they do, our world would be bland. With the help of social media and the age of the internet, artists can be found everywhere. Something that has become popular among artists commissions for people with their favorite characters from fictional worlds. I have had the chance to get to know an artist and have her do a couple of commission pieces for my boyfriend and me. She has become quite popular as she shares her new commission pieces on Facebook. This artist, Becky Daly, has shared her knowledge of art with other artists and has a great ability to connect the world of fiction with her clients.

Becky was willing to answer some questions for me to help me understand her and her work.


AltWire/Elysant Avery: Why did you become an artist?

Becky Daly: That’s a loaded question. I’ve been drawing since before I can remember! It’s been a part of who I am my whole life. I just started selling my art recently, and it’s like a dream that I can do this for a living.

AltWire/Elysant Avery: What is your favorite thing to create?

Becky Daly:  I love creating characters, especially when people come to me with their ideas and bring them to life and seeing their reaction.

AltWire/Elysant Avery: What inspires you?

Becky Daly: If I’m ever looking for inspiration, I always put something animated on to watch whether it’s classic Disney movies, anime, or just cartoons. My idol Glen Keane’s work inspires me as well as watching Ryan Woodward’s animations, along with Vivziepops beautiful work!

AltWire/Elysant Avery: What got you into becoming an artist?

Becky Daly:  I was OBSESSED with Disney movies and any animated movies, but as a kid, I didn’t want to be a Disney princess I wanted to create the next one, so I just kept drawing to this day.

AltWire/Elysant Avery: What do you do in your free time besides art?

Becky Daly: Art is pretty much my job and hobby. Still, I LOVE video games like dead by daylight, portal knights, kingdom hearts, and devil may cry I love discovering addicting and beautiful indie games, Netflix binging show after show whether it’s anime cartoons or shows or watching Game Grumps on YouTube. I’m a huge nerd and am in more fandoms than I can count.

AltWire/Elysant Avery: What is your most treasured piece?

Becky Daly: Oooh I have a painting I did its 5×4 foot painting of eyes with rainbow paint dripping down it’s got a special place in my heart

AltWire/Elysant Avery: What is your biggest struggle with your art?

Becky Daly: The never-ending list of pieces I need to finish! I’m always learning especially since I’m rather new at digital coloring, so I’m always looking up tutorials on landscapes since I haven’t dabbled in that as much.

AltWire/Elysant Avery: What is your greatest achievement with your art?

Becky Daly:  Due to my art skills in college, I was offered a three-month animation internship with Sony Imageworks, where I got to work on Men in Black III and Arthur Christmas, and it was to this day the best three months of my life.

AltWire/Elysant Avery: What do you want people to know about you and your art?

Becky Daly: How much I love drawing and creating! I hope I can keep creating for people as long as I can!

AltWire/Elysant Avery: Do you have different types of art styles? 

Becky Daly:  I can replicate styles, but I’m quite fond of mine, and I’m guilty of not straying too far from it unless requested haha, when I’m not digitally drawing I teach people to paint at Sips n Strokes so I enjoy painting too whenever I can as well as face painting.

AltWire/Elysant Avery: What is something you want to do as an artist?

Becky Daly: I want to finish my animations I’ve started and brought to life all the animations that are still in my head and one day design a Disney Princess God willing!

AltWire/Elysant Avery: Do you have any words of encouragement for other artists?

Becky Daly:  Keep at it, find your unique style, and never stop creating because this is what we put out into the world that only we can leave your artistic footprint because the world needs to see it. After all, it’s you! Be seen. Be vivid!

AltWire/Elysant Avery: Where can people see your art, and how can people reach you for commissions?

Becky Daly:  My Facebook is Vivid Vixen Art & Designs by Becky Daly

My Instagram is xxvivid_vixenxx

Just send a message!

AltWire/Elysant Avery: Are there things you will not create for commissions?

Becky Daly: I’m somewhat new to this and haven’t turned down a request so far, though I haven’t gotten any crazy requests yet. Ummm, I guess time will say haha, I have gotten some “NSFW” requests, but they don’t bother me. I think as long as it’s anatomically correct, I’ll be ok with it. I’m not a huge fan of drawing gore, so you might have to talk to me about it.

Becky has been one of the most helpful people I have had the pleasure of talking to. She understands what you want in your commissions, and she makes changes without complaint. With the quarantine going on, we have been playing a lot more games, watching movies and shows, and reading stories. If you ever wondered what it might be like for you to be a part of one of your favorite fictional worlds with some of your favorite characters or, have just wanted something created specifically for you, I recommend reaching out to Becky! I am not the only one who recommends her:

“She’s an amazing person to work with. She’s great at communicating and extremely understanding. Her work is beautiful, and I love every single artwork that she has made for me.” – Michaela Hoseok

“I loved it! My dream is coming true!” -Ruben Valentino

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