Sun-Dried Vibes: Vibin’ With Zach Fowler

Sun-Dried Vibes

Meet Sun-Dried Vibes, based out of South Carolina, where there’s an already rapidly growing reggae scene! Recently, their vocalist and guitarist, Zach Fowler, took the time speak to our Altwire family.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview for our readers and our family at Altwire!

AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: For those who haven’t yet heard of you, can you please tell us a little about yourself, your musical style and any other fun facts?

Zach Fowler [Sun-Dried Vibes]: Hello! I’m Zach, singer/guitarist for Sun-Dried Vibes. We are a heavy touring reggae/rock trio from South Carolina. Our music has been described as unique, positive and powerful. We have been together for 7 years with two full length albums and an EP under our belts and another full length coming in 2018. We are also celebrity players for Innova Disc Golf and we love to play while we are out on the road!

AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: Was music a part of your life growing up?

Zach Fowler [Sun-Dried Vibes]: I fell in love with music at a young age and have been captivated by its healing properties for as long as I can remember. I bought my first guitar at age 11 and still claim to be a “shower singer” from the start. No formal or classical training for me personally but I am constantly learning, evolving and growing as a musician daily. I played in the praise band at church growing up and in several bands in high school and college as well.

AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: What’s your writing process like?

Zach Fowler [Sun-Dried Vibes]: I try to keep the writing process as organic as possible. Letting it happen at any time or place and trying not to put any sort of constraint on how I write a song. Evan (SDV Bassist) and I collaborate on the musical side of all our music and we have been writing together for 10+ years now. We are always coming up with new ideas and melodies every where we go!

AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: With the reggae music scene always changing and evolving, what can you tell me about your experience? What do you like the most about it? If there’s anything you dislike, how do you think it can improve?

Zach Fowler [Sun-Dried Vibes]: I think that reggae as a genre is very special and anointed in a spiritual sense. Its popularity is spread world wide and I think the rise of this style of music in America is significant and important for human kind and our existence in general. It’s hard to be a musician and work in this industry in general but being involved in this scene makes it a little easier to cope with and appreciate. We are blessed to be a part of a special time in history with an even more special type of music.

AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: What have been your most unusual/strangest experiences while on tour or during a show?

Zach Fowler [Sun-Dried Vibes]: Every day is a mystery in the world of a touring musician. There are too many to even discuss!

AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: What do you miss the most when you’re on tour?

Zach Fowler [Sun-Dried Vibes]: Our families at home and our loved ones. However, SDV is a family itself and we are always grateful to share time together and to grow as a unit. We are blessed to have supportive people in our lives who make the sacrifice with us so that we may travel and do what we love.

AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: What personal hobbies do you enjoy when you’re home or off the stage?

Zach Fowler [Sun-Dried Vibes]: All of us are avid disc golf players in the SDV crew. As I mentioned before we are Celebrity Players For Innova Disc Golf and we are proud to be ambassadors of the sport. We are craft beer lovers and football fans. We also host a music festival every year (Surrounded by the Sound Music & Arts Festival) which occupies a lot of time for us when we aren’t on the road.

AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: What advice would you give to up and coming artists?

Zach Fowler [Sun-Dried Vibes]: Stay true to yourself. Work hard. Never give up, persistence is key. Keep things fresh and reinvent yourself constantly. Get better every day.

AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: What is the greatest advice you’ve ever received that has helped you in your career?

Zach Fowler [Sun-Dried Vibes]: The righteous path is one that is not easily walked. Maintain humility and do what is noble and true always and you will succeed in life.

AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: What’s in store for the near future?

Zach Fowler [Sun-Dried Vibes]: We are releasing a brand new, full length album (16 Tracks) called “Stay Hopeful” in the Spring of 2018. It will feature collaborations with Rebelution, Bumpin Uglies, Tropidelic, Oogee Wawa, TreeHouse!, Roots of a Rebellion and more. We have some cool tour opportunities coming up for the summer and we are also working on a reggae infused mixtape as well. We are beyond excited for SBTS 2018 on Labor Day Weekend in Long Creek, SC. Our first of three Artist Announcements is coming on February 1st, 2018! (

AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: Is there a message you would like to send to your fans and our readers?

Zach Fowler [Sun-Dried Vibes]: First of all, THANK YOU. Our fans and listeners are the heartbeat of SDV. Without you all, we would be nothing. We really enjoy connecting with people and the fellowship we have with all of you at our shows. We are dedicated to each and every one of you and we promise to keep bringing you more music and shows in a city near you soon. We love the Sun-Dried Nation!

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