Sundive: A Chat With Jason Frilot

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St. Petersburg, Florida-based band Sundive (formerly named Freelow – which is a phonetic pronunciation of the lead singer Jason Frilot’s name) combines an eclectic mix of rock, and folk, creating a unique sound.

The once four-piece band recently changed their name due to unforeseen circumstances and their lead singer took the time to speak to us about moving forward in their transition.

Altwire/Omayra Lopez: Hi, Jason, my name is Omayra Lopez with Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us. Who have been your greatest inspirations and influences in music?

Sundive/Jason Frilot: There are so many bands that have influenced me but I mostly listen to lo-fi and binaural beats to unwind after shows. Here are a few artists who’ve really inspired me. I’ve learned a lot from frontmen mostly. Radiohead (Thom Yorke), Incubus (Brandon Boyd), Sublime (Bradley Nowell), Deftones (Chino), Avalanches, Wax Taylor, Beastie Boys, Chinese Man, El Ten Eleven, TwentyOne Pilots, Groundation, Dave Mathews, Jack Johnson, Tool.

Altwire/Omayra Lopez: With the changes in your band, what can listeners expect moving forward?

Sundive/Jason Frilot: Freelow was a group of very talented artists with a big full sound. I gradually depended on them more and more like I kind of just floated on the full sound. Starting over was hard for me but very necessary as I became a stronger entity on my own.

I still work with many of my previous members but, mostly, Sundive is a duo with myself on guitar/vocals/songwriting with Freddy Nerio on the Cajon, with who I’ve been performing and recording for the last 3 years. Basically, people can expect a more mature and intimate version of Freelow. I’m very happy with the way things are progressing. I feel it’s the best evolution of my music yet.

Altwire/Omayra Lopez: What have been some of the greatest highlights of your career?

Sundive/Jason Frilot: Moving to Florida from New Orleans and being able to make a living performing my original music and getting to know so many amazing people has to be the brightest star in my sky so far. Other than that, being able to share the stage with big bands like Dirty Heads, TwentyOne Pilots, Alien Ant Farm, Hoobastank, and Coheed and Cambria was an honor.

I can’t let that get to my head though. I plan on going until my heart stops so I have to get used to doing things like that. The real stuff is the love and honor I get from being able to do this. It’s truly a blessing.

Altwire/Omayra Lopez: What do you enjoy in your personal time when you’re not recording or on the stage?

Sundive/Jason Frilot: When I’m not performing, I’m usually resting with my pup, watching a stand-up comedy, or hanging with friends but I’m usually performing as I’ve played 3-5 shows a week for the last 9 years.

Altwire/Omayra Lopez: What message would you like to send to your fans?

Sundive/Jason Frilot: If you have a passion, let it drive you. If you jump out of your nest of comfort, you will fly. Even if everything seems to be falling apart, it really isn’t. It’s all an illusion. What we choose to believe is what’s going to happen. You just have to believe. I moved here, not knowing a soul… with just my music to fall on and it seemed as if the Universe literally opened doors right before my eyes.

As one closed, another opened immediately. You just have to believe and live for it with all your heart. My music is about perseverance through the power of positive thinking. I truly hope people pick that up from my songs… I believe they do.

You can currently catch Sundive locally in St. Petersburg. Connect with them on social media for shows and updates!




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