Altwire Podcast Episode 2, Season 1 – The Legendary John Feldmann (Goldfinger / Producer)

John Feldmann GoldfingerPhoto credit: Brent Lee

Season 1 of the Altwire Podcast continues with some punk-rock and ska-punk royalty: In this episode of the Altwire Podcast, we chat with John Feldmann, Grammy-nominated record producer and lead singer of Goldfinger.

Goldfinger is widely credited as a contributor to the third-wave movement of ska in the 1990s, a version of ska that saw bands like Less Than Jake, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, No Doubt, and more dominate rock radio.

With nearly 30 years together as a band, Goldfinger has unveiled a surprise deluxe release of their 2020 album, featuring special re-recordings of some of the most famous songs of their career, with guest artists like Biffy Clyro and Avril Lavigne.

As a producer, John has been a part of some unforgettable albums by Mest, The Used, and Blink-182 but also worked on projects by 5 Seconds Of Summer, among other artists. In this episode, John tells us about his experiences working with these artists and the lessons he’s learned throughout his career. This is definitely an episode you will not want to miss.

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