Altwire Podcast 2.0 – Season 1, Episode 2 – Story of The Year

Story of The Year

Prepare for another captivating episode of the Altwire Podcast, where we connect you to the most influential artists in the alternative music scene through up-close and personal conversations. In keeping with our commitment to offer a platform for musicians to share their stories and insights, we are excited to announce our next guest—Ryan Phillips, guitarist and founding member of the esteemed rock band Story of The Year.

In this forthcoming episode, we’ll concentrate on Story of The Year’s eagerly awaited new album, Tear Me To Pieces, which is set to be released soon. As fans anticipate this latest offering, our discussion with Ryan promises to be an enthralling journey into the making of this remarkable addition to the band’s impressive discography.

Since its formation in 1995, Ryan Phillips has been an essential component of Story of The Year, lending his unique guitar skills to their dynamic sound. With several successful albums and a loyal fan base, the band has made a lasting impact on the alternative rock genre. Tear Me To Pieces is set to become another notable chapter in their illustrious career, and we can’t wait to delve into it with Ryan.

During our conversation, we’ll explore Ryan’s experiences with Story of The Year, the creative process behind Tear Me To Pieces, and how the band’s sound has evolved over time. We’ll also discuss the challenges and triumphs associated with being a part of a long-standing and thriving rock band. Make sure to tune in to Episode 2 of the Altwire Podcast and join us as we uncover the creative journey of this influential rock band.

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Enjoy the episode here!

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