AltWire Top Ten Albums Of 2017: Luke’s Picks

10. Paramore – After Laughter

Haley Williams and co reinvent themselves on this album presenting a more pop-based incarnation of themselves with 80s New Wave influences present.


9. Roger Waters – Is This the Life We Really Want?

Former Pink Floyd leader Roger Waters takes up arms against the current political climate across the world with this typically thought provoking solo effort.



8. Kasabian – For Crying Out Loud

It’s nothing particularly ground breaking from the Leicester-based experimental rockers, but what it is is a very enjoyable album adding to their already impressive repertoire.


7. Linkin ParkOne More Light

An album which polarized fans across the world with the band moving in to full on pop territory. The album takes on whole new significance following the tragic passing of iconic front man Chester Bennington.


6. Ho99o9 – United States of Horror

New Jersey-based hardcore Hip-Hop duo Ho99o9 finally unleash their debut album after years of building up a cult following. A highly impressive effort to accompany an extremely energetic live show.


5. Horseneck – Heavy Trip

It is what it says it is, a heavy trip showcasing brutality, sweetness and groove. Full of catchy anthems and good time heavy rock, this is a band to look out for in the coming years for sure.


4. Liam Gallagher – As You Were

Taking a back seat to brother Noel must have been agonizing at times, but Liam has bided his time well and released what is surely some of the strongest material either Gallagher brother has produced since the Oasis days.


3. Queens of the Stone Age – Villains

A few eyebrows were raised when it was announced Mark Ronson was producing the latest Queens effort. However this more dance-oriented effort is still full of grooves and overdriven guitars showing that there is no letting up from Josh Homme and co.


2. Foo Fighters – Concrete and Gold 

Easily their darkest and heaviest album in ten years, this latest album by the Foos is definitely one which has breathed new life in to the band. Showcasing the bands expansive index of influences, this is an excellent addition to their back catalogue.

1. Trivium – The Sin and the Sentence

A near-perfect amalgamation of all their previous work, the Sin and The Sentence captures the crème de la crème of all of the elements which draw superlatives to each of Trivium’s eight albums. This eclectic mix of styles has made for one of the best metal albums released in years and will certainly be referred to as one of their very best efforts.

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