Artists To Watch: Kicking Sunrise

Kicking Sunrise is taking the music industry by storm. If you haven’t heard of their single, “Here’s to The Sunrise” You should get those speakers blaring because it’ll bring you to your feet and you’ll want to go back for more. ​

The boys in Kicking Sunrise are from Washington Township, New Jersey and they’re really making a name for themselves within the industry. They have “When It’s Right” in the works that has 5 tracks on it that are sure to be a hit.

Track Listing Includes:​

1.) Take It All​
2.) Another Life​
3.) Sky High​
4.) Give Me Tonight​
5. By Myself

If you haven’t heard of them yet you can check out “Here’s To The Sunrise” Which has 10 Tracks


1.) Here’s to the Sunrise​
2.) Can’t Get Enough​
3.) Hold Me​
4.) Back To You​
5.) California Girl​
6.) Little Something Called Love​
7.) Baby It’s Cold Outside​
8.) This Life Of Mine​
9.) Things I Like​
10.) Brand New ​

They performed on CBS3 in Philadelphia back in 2016, and were shortly named the “House Band” after. They’ve been on the go since with performances at 97.5 The Fanatic Fantasy Fest in 2016, They’ve released a music video to, “Here’s to the Sunrise on VEVO, they were also featured on TBS for MLB coverage, and featured on TNT during the PGA Tour just to name a few examples. You can also catch them on the 98.1 WOCM rotations. ​

To keep up with the band you can follow them on Twitter @KickingSunrise or on Facebook for updates. ​

Another Life: ​

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