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Press Release: Waterparks Release Music Video for “The Secret Life of Me”

Today, Waterparks release the music video for “The Secret Life of Me” off their latest album, Greatest Hits. Directed by Erik Rojas & frontman Awsten Knight, the music video takes on a glitchy and saturated style to create an all-around captivating visual that portrays the song’s theme of dissociation and escaping reality. Waterparks recently released their long-awaited fourth album Greatest Hits which features notable singles “Just Kidding”, “You’d Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out To […]


AltWire X Bad Ghosts Collaboration

Hi folks! Today marks an exciting new announcement for AltWire, in the form of a brand new collaboration with indie horror author/video game reviewer Bad Ghosts! Bad Ghosts will feature original horror short stories (both written, and narrated), whilst also tackling video game reviews typically in the horror or indie genre. See the new review […]


Happy Juneteenth! – Our Racial Experiences

Alana Rodriguez – AltWire Staff Contributor Since I became aware at a young age that people saw me as different because of the color of my skin, how I feel about race has been complicated. My dad is of black, Native American, and unknown European descent. My mother’s father’s parents emigrated from Italy around 1910 […]


Cancel Culture: Separating The Art

Through the diverse changes in music from the past to the present, there is one stereotype that has stayed well-known within the industry- the outspoken, sometimes problematic, idol or frontman. The generations of Morrisseys, Kid Rocks, and Kanye Wests in the music industry have caused their fans to question the people behind their favorite songs, […]


Julia Marcell Signs To Long Branch Records And Shares New Single “Infinity Halt” [Press Release]

Julia Marcell has signed with Long Branch Records for the international release of her new album “Skull Echo” coming Spring 2020. The new single “Infinity Halt” is available now and accompanied by a music video directed by Julia and produced by Sputnik Studio. Watch the video below: Julia Marcell – Infinity Halt (Official Video)Watch this video on YouTube […]


Veridian Releases New Single “Pavement” & Announces Upcoming EP Novella [Press Release]

Hailing from the U.K., Veridian has released yet another fantastic single, titled “Pavement.” This is the third single leading up to the release of the band’s EP “Novella” now available for pre-save. Additionally, MerchNow has released a selection of exclusive merchandise bundles available for purchase with the pre-order of the EP. Veridian’s goals in sharing […]