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[Altwire Interview] Jesse Taylor & Jesse Carmichael of Wildcat! Wildcat!

Wildcat! Wildcat! is currently working on new music since the release of their self titled album No Moon at All. The duo will be releasing each track individually for free over the course of 2016, starting with “Straight to the Top” which was released late January. Altwire had the chance to chat with the duo on how they were formed and their plans for the year.

Altwire [Danny Benavides]: Hey guys, how is going?!

Wildcat! Wildcat!: We are good, man. It’s hot out here!

AW: Oh haha, where are you at today?

WW: We are in downtown Los Angeles

AW: I’m in Austin, and surprisingly it’s not that hot here. 

WW: Oh nice.

AW: So going back to the beginning, how did you guys get together? 

WW: Well we actually grew up together. We grew outside Los Angeles and met in High School. We have known each other for a long time. We played in bands together all throughout high school, had different project with different artists and stuff. Doing this stuff for Wildcat started back in 2012, so we go pretty far back

AW: How did you come up with the name of Wildcat! Wildcat!?

WW: It’s actually a quote from The Royal Tenenbaums. Owen Wilson is being interviewed and rambles off and says Wildcat twice. It’s been a favorite movie of ours forever. With the list of names we came up with when we were joking around, that one kind of stuff. We do our own artwork and everything so once that got put into the imagery, releasing the songs and all, that was the name that best for us.

We had a buddy who had a music blog and he heard the very first version of the very first song we ever worked on, he was like “Hey I want to put this on my playlist for my blog but I got to be able to call it something.” We threw that name out there just to give him something and realized yeah, it’s pretty cool.

AW: A lot of the ways I discover new music is by going to local shows at events like SXSW, which is actually how I came across you guys. Back in 2013, I don’t remember who hosted the party but it was at Cedar Street Courtyard.

WW: Yeah, It was a Filter Party actually. That was a really fun one. We did like 12 shows that week.

AW: Any plans to come by again this year?

WW: Not this year, maybe next year. We definitely had a good time last time we were there. Maybe not play as many shows. Hopefully next year.

AW: You released “Straight to the Top” a couple of weeks ago. I noticed your planning to release each of the tracks individually, throughout the year. How did this idea come about?

WW: I think the decision to do that was based on how we were releasing music when we started. We just started releasing one song at a time and it allowed us to go through a process with the people who were listening and coming out to the shows. I feel like that feeling was a bit lost when all 10 songs came out at the same time. We take a long time to just write one song so it works for us before and it’s much more comfortable approaching it like that now.

AW: Any guest appearances or producers that you guys were able to work with for your new music this year?

WW: We are working with a Rand Jackson, from LA. He is from a band called the Daylights. He has been doing a bunch of writing and production stuff. He is a really good friend of our s and we like working with him. So we started putting together a bunch of songs and doing a bunch of our own production and threw it in a box and took it to him to tweak it and re-record stuff. A way to rethink a few things, a new perspective on it a little bit. It’s actually pretty cool.

AW: What has been some of your influences when making music?

WW: Which era of our lives, haha?

AW: Let’s say this year, or lately.

WW: I have been on a big hip hop kick for a while and the beats. We grew up listening to dark emotional pop that kind of finds itself in. We don’t really listen to music that much while we are writing. We stay removed from what is going on in the music world to keep things fresh and not let any outside influences come in. We find more influences in things that aren’t musical, relationships, things in our lives, city we live in, so yeah it’s pretty across the board.

AW: Since you guys are releasing the tracks individually, do you already have a schedule or a process of how you will be releasing the tracks for the rest of the year?

WW: The process dictates the timeline, but also the timeline helps us move more. There is a game plan of how we want to do this this year. We want to take this year to release the record and are working on instrumentals to release with each song.  As many as we can put out the better and by the end of the year it will be a record or double EP, I don’t know.

I think the concept behind doing this is to keep it fresh and in real-time. To work on something and put it out and get it to people sooner after we finish it and move on and treat every song like its own piece of art as oppose to hunker down to work for our record and not be able to release it 8 months later. We want to share it while we are still excited about it.

AW: I saw you guys also added “Straight to the Top” on Spotify as well, how do you guys feel about streaming services like Spotify?

WW: I really like them, I use Spotify pretty regularly. There are definitely arguments on both sides. There are pros and cons to it.

We still have our core fans that will buy a vinyl or t-shirt at shows or if they want a physical artifact or a piece of art to represent their excitement then they can still find that.

The streaming service makes a lot of sense, it takes a lot of time and money to be constantly up-to-date in new music. This makes it so much more accessible. I think for bands, you kind of have to adjust your mindset like “we are not going to be making tons off our music anymore.” It’s about getting music out and as many as you can and people involved and invested to coming to a show and that’s where you can really connect to them anyway.

There are so many bands that wouldn’t really have a fan base if it wasn’t for Spotify. Like Soundcloud is a huge one for us, it’s a place where we can put our music and fans can listen. Spotify is a little more artist tailored. You can’t really just upload the music yourself. These services and iTunes are radio take our music where we can’t.

AW: Awesome. Well I’m excited to see what you guys bring this year and next time you are in Austin, I’ll definitely come by. 

WW: Right on, man. thank you!


[Altwire Interview] Kaleo – “We Played Inside A Live Volcano…”

Kaleo has already made a name for themselves in their homeland of Iceland. They have recently  relocated to the states where they have signed with Triple 8 Management and Atlantic Records. Their first single “All The Pretty Girls,” has surpassed 5 million streams on Spotify and entered the top 10 at AAA radio. Their video “Way Down We Go” has received over 1 million streams and was recently featured in promos for HBO’s The Leftovers. Kaleo is working on a full-length album set for release in 2016 with producer Jacquire King (Kings of Leon, James Bay). The band consists of Jökull Júlíusson (JJ), Davíð Antonsson, Daníel Ægir Kristjánsson, and Rubin Pollock.

I sat down with JJ to discuss how the band came to be, their upcoming album and what it was like playing inside of a volcano.

AltWire (Danny Benavides): Hey JJ, How is it going? How are you doing today?

JJ: Pretty good, how are you?

AW: You guys beginning your tour?

JJ: We are still in Austin currently, we drop down in Nashville on Saturday and from there, we start the tour.

AW: I know you guys are originally from Iceland and recently moved to the States. What brought you down to Austin?

JJ: Well, we got a record label here in the U.S. so it was a local move to come. Especially since we are doing a lot of touring. We also wanted to record our next album here. We were looking into a few places and Nashville and Austin were are top two choices and the most exciting for us. We wanted to be somewhere in the roots of the music we are inspired by which is a lot of blues. Also, our management company is based out of Austin so it was a good fit.

AW: You made a great choice. So I know you are working on the new album scheduled to come out next year. How did you get together with Jacquire King for the new album? 

JJ: We are a big fan of his work and we had talked to him earlier about working together. Fortunately we all found a time in our schedule and its been going great so far. I look forward to finishing the album.

AW: Do you have a name for the album yet.

JJ: No we do not. That’s a tricky part.

AW: How did the band come together?

JJ: We are all from a small town in Iceland called Mosfellsbær in Iceland which is a suburb in the capital  Reykjavik. It’s a small town of about 9000 people and we were all together in middle school and that’s kind of where we got started. Me, David and Danny had classes together. We got into playing cover gigs and developed as a band over the years. Kaleo formed about 3 years ago when Rubin Pollock joined the band and played guitar. That’s when we started to focus on original material.

AW: Who were some of your biggest influences coming up?

JJ: I would say a lot of blues music. All the way back to the 70s. Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Howlin’ Wolfe and the Brits that took over and the great bands from the 60’s and 70s. Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Ray Charles. We have influences from all over, we try not to do just one thing. We try to tap into different genres.

AW: If you have to choose one person, living or passed away, that you could collaborate with, who would it be?

JJ: Great question! Umm… It would be hard not to mention Paul or John as a songwriter. As a band, I think maybe Led Zeppelin is one of the greatest bands. I don’t know man, it’s tough. I think I will have to stick with John or Paul.

AW: So, I am a bit of a gamer, especially when it comes to FIFA. Are you guys gamers or fan of the game FIFA?

JJ: Some of us are. Yeah we do play FIFA though.

AW: With that said, I have to mention that for the longest time FIFA has had some of the best soundtracks of any games. It is how I discovered a lot of new music as well. I noticed your song “Way Down We Go” was featured in FIFA 2016. How exciting was that?

JJ: It was awesome. a year ago when we were signed we didn’t really know much. We were only playing in Iceland where the population is about 300,000. When we were asked from our publishing label, “What did we want to be featured in?” We said FIFA right away. It’s a pretty big thing in Europe. We are all big fans of soccer, especially myself. I don’t play too many video games but I do play FIFA. I have played since I was nine. We have it on the road in the bus so we can play whenever we want. We got some sore losers on the bus so sometimes we can’t play too much.

AW: Who is your go-to team?

JJ: Um, United. United, for sure. Also, our national team just qualified for the Euro 2016 for the first time. I’m disappointed they weren’t featured in the new game but maybe next time.

AW: Also, I saw you released a video for Way Down We Go back in August. I had to do a double take the first time I read that because it said “Live in a Volcano”. What was that like?

JJ: That was pretty amazing. We did a short trip back to Iceland back in July. We played a great show then we did the video which we thought was a great video. We played inside a live volcano. We reached out to the people there and they were all for it. It was a bit of a task than I had realized because we had to get everything down there. We did video and audio down there. We had to take all of our equipment down there. There was a very small down there, it takes 10 minutes to get down, 10 minutes to get up. It was a 26 hour day. The Acoustics down there were fantastic though, so we were really happy with the outcome.

AW: Who are some artists you are currently listening to?

JJ: It’s different across all of us but I’m into Alt-J’s new album a lot.

AW: You guys made your American debut last year during SXSW, any plans to repeat?

JJ: For sure, we had just arrived in the U.S. at that time. We played 8 shows during SXSW last year so yeah, hopefully we are back. It is in Austin after all.

AW: Thanks for chatting with us JJ and we look forward to hearing your new album out next year.

JJ: Thank you!


Check out the upcoming Kaleo tour dates here.

Follow Kaleo on Facebook and Twitter.


[Altwire Interview] Max Frost – “I Hope I Can Get Another Kite High Up In The Air…”

Over the weekend, I spoke with Austin’s own Max Frost to discuss his influences, creating a follow up to his debut EP, and tacos!

I was first introduced to Max by accident, really. It was during SXSW a couple of years back. At SXSW, you could pretty much stroll into any bar and hear all kinds of bands playing and in the middle of the night, I did just that.

To me, that is the best way to discover new artists. No outside influence, just listening to them rock out live. I walked into this local bar not having a clue who was performing and when I heard Max Frost I was impressed and have been a fan since.

[Editor’s Note: We previously caught up with Max last December. Check out that interview here]

Max Frost: Hey, What’s up man?

AltWire (Danny Benavides): Hey how’s it going?

Max Frost: Doing alright! Sitting in Portland, eating some sushi, drinking a beer.

AW: That’s right, you are currently on tour. How is that going?

Max Frost: It’s going pretty good, I got to tell you. I  have been very blessed to be on some big tours in the past with a less intimate audiences of 1 to 5000 and this is a much smaller tour but I’m really falling it love with it. It’s a different feeling being on tour at these types of clubs because you are way more face-to-face with these people. It’s a cool, raw feeling.

AW: That’s awesome, man. I actually live here in Austin. I’ve seen you here a handful of times in the past.

Max Frost: Oh Cool!

AW: For the new album, Intoxication, you got together with Jeff Tweedy [of Wilco], What was that like?

Max Frost: I wrote with Jeff Tweedy along the process. I got in the studio. Luckily I wasn’t petrified of him, but I just spent most of my time picking his brain. We actually did start a song together that I plan to finish.

AW: Is there anyone else you are currently in the process of working with or would love to work with in the future?

Max Frost: That’s a lot of people. That is a lot. Solidified in stone right now, not even for sure, knock on wood, you may not have heard of her, there is this artist named (BB Bareilly). Right now she is more known as a writer who has done some stuff with some big artists. Someone sent me a link to her stuff that’s is soon to be released and she’s got one of the most unique, special voices I’ve heard. There is this “Marilyn Monroe” song I’d like to feature her on that’s currently in the works. We haven’t gotten together to finish that yet but it’s a possibility, and who knows if it even ends up happening. I really hope I get to work with some great producers in the future. That’s big to me. The list is very long. Unfortunately a lot of my heroes that I’d love to work with have passed away but there is still obviously a lot of amazing people walking the planet.

AW: Who would you say are some of your inspirations? Who did you grow up listening to?

Max Frost: I would say Jimmy Hendrix was one of my  biggest influences of my song writing life. Also, all the blues and Bob Dylan I had been listening to. Another guy that turned my life upside down when I was about 16 was Ryan Adams. I started getting into what he did. Something about the simplicity of his songs was a big influence to me. He was really clever with the way he would use only three chords to make it sound like there was so much going on. I’m a old school, typical retro rock junkie. That’s what I originally wanted to be: a guitar player. Then I started singing, had a bit of a voice and wrote songs and stuff like that. I also remember the impact that Eminem had on me. I was about 9 years old. I saw this bleached blond hair dude on TV acting like a crazy motherfucker and these really awesome songs and I started learning the songs and rapping the verses. My parents would be like “what is that?! you can’t listen to that.” The fact that I wasn’t allowed to listen to it made me listen to it even more. I would say Eminem was the first rock star I was ever obsessed with.

AW: I like Eminem, especially his older stuff.

Max Frost: Yeah, It’s going to sound like I’m too much of a fan but I literally think in like a hundred years we could still be talking about it. He could be a Shakespeare level bad ass.

AW: I agree, I’d definitely put him up there as one of my top 10 lyricists in Hip Hop.

Max Frost: No Doubt. Genius.

AW: Your first EP was Low High Low. What did you think when “White Lies” was playing everywhere, commercials, radio, etc… Did you expect that kind of impact after that song?

Max Frost: No, you can never predict that. You know, I knew that song was one of the betters ones I had in the can, leading up to introducing myself as an artist. I’ll come up with a lot of songs where I am like “yeah, this is really great”. Two weeks later, I would listen to it and just get sick of it. That was one of those songs I didn’t get sick of so I knew it meant something. It was amazing, surreal thing the way that song hit. I could get hit by a truck tomorrow and the fact that it was featured on the Dre Beats commercial was such huge honor for me and made my day. I have so much respect for Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine and the fact that they chose that song out of all the songs they could have chosen for that commercial. It’s kind of hard to wrap my head around. I hope I can get another kite that high up in the air.

AW: I love the new album. $Dreams is my favorite track from the album. I actually came across you at a show a couple of years back in Austin. I want to say it was before “White Lies” hit, I had no idea where I was going. I followed the large crowds going from bar to bar, and heard you playing. It was during SXSW.

Max Frost: Was it at Saxon Pub?

AW: I have no idea. Especially at 1am. Haha

***I later confirmed,  since it was bugging me until I find out. It was at Saxon Pub****

Max Frost: You were wandering into some room, to sober up and just heard something?

AW: Haha, pretty much. I heard you playing, and I was impressed. Had to ask around who was playing then immediately turned to YouTube later in the week. Been a fan since.

Did you happen to check out any of the ACL shows that went on earlier this month?

Max Frost: I love ACL. I’m not crazy about SXSW as an Austinite. This time I just didn’t have the gas for it. I was rehearsing for this tour, so I kind of tilted my head down and avoided the big party because I knew I had to save my energy for this run. At ACL, Every year it’s more and more fun because I know more and more people in the business and more and more artists that are there so it feels like a graduation party or something like that.

AW: When you are in town, do you have a go to spot for food or beer?

Max Frost: Yeah, I live in Hyde Park these days. I like to zip over at the Taco Deli on 45th and Guadalupe for some breakfast. I love that place Bar Fly.  I don’t know if you tried that new place Komé off Airport. I’m a huge sushi connoisseur, that place is fantastic. I definitely recommend it. Oh Also, I’m going to sound crazy but this place called Kesos Tacos. They may be the ones to kill Torchy’s and Taco Deli. This shit is pretty good. I was blown away. The building doesn’t look like anything but that tacos are slamming. It’s not a trailer but the appearance on the outside gives it that vibe. If I wasn’t doing music right now, I would be trying to open a Torchy’s taco in every city in the country. I’m telling you, I know it sounds crazy. For breakfast I think Taco Deli may have it but lunch tacos… Kesos.

AW: Awesome. I’ll have to try Kesos next time I’m in the mood for Tacos.

Max Frost: It’s good!

AW: Thanks for chatting with me while you are out on tour. I look forward to seeing what you continue to do in the future. Enjoy your tour!

Max Frost: I really appreciate you being a fan, man. Thanks man. Take care.

Max Frost is currently touring with Wild Child and will be wrapping up the tour, finishing in Denver, CO tomorrow.

Max has also released a music video to his latest single, “Withdrawal” which can be heard below:

“Withdrawal” comes from Max’s newly released EP Intoxication and hit No. 1 on Hype Machine upon its release. Max Frost was named by Rolling Stone and NPR as one of their “10 Artists You Need To Know.” His new EP Intoxication  follows his breakthrough single “White Lies” from his debut EP LOW HIGH LOW that hit #1 on Hype Machine’s “Most Popular Tracks on Blogs” chart, and “Nice and Slow,” another single from the EP earned Top 3 status on Hype Machine. Since his last EP, Frost has released “Paranoia” and “Let Me Down Easy” that immediately hit #1 on Hype Machine.

Follow Max Frost on Twitter.

Going to ACL Fest Weekend 2? Enjoy our ACL ’15 Spotify Playlist

Tomorrow kicks off Weekend Two, Day One of ACL which is taking place in Austin, TX and AltWire will be live tweeting and rocking out during the festival.

Artists from Foo Fighters, The Weeknd, Of Monsters and Men, and Twenty One Pilots are scheduled to perform. To see the full line-up, visit the official ACL site.

During the first weekend, Foo Fighters brought on Gary Clark Jr. on stage, The Weeknd ended his performance with a fireworks show… As the second and final weekends kicks on, this only means they’ll have to top their previous performances, right?

We have put together a Spotify playlist featuring artists who are set to perform for your listening pleasure.

Still unsure of what #ACLFest is? Check out these Weekend One highlights from their official Youtube Channel:




Daft Punk “Unchained” Documentary trailer released

BBC Worldwide has debuted the new trailer for Daft Punk’s upcoming documentary called Daft Punk Unchained. Daft Punk, the mysterious electronic duo have run the airwaves for the past three decades. Daft Punk comprises of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. The duo are known for wearing robotic masks which conceal their face; The trailer teases a possible unmasking in the film. The trailer also features Kanye West, Pharrell, Niles Rodgers, and Paul Williams, all praising the duo.

Daft Punk is responsible for the Tron Legacy Soundtrack, creating summer hits such as “Get Lucky and “Stronger” and have inspired many artists in the EDM world. The duo has released 4 studio albums, 2 live albums, a compilation album, and 3 remix albums.

Their 2013 album, Random Access Memories, won them the Grammy for Album of the Year, Best Dance/Electronica Album, and Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical. “Get Lucky” won Record of the Year and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

For the younger crowd, if you are not familiar with who Daft Punk is, I highly suggest watching the Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem series which is a feature-length animated musical film that plays to the music of Daft Punk’s Discovery album.

Watch the first part (Daft Punk- One More Time) of Interstella 5555 below:



Childish Gambino covers Tamia’s “So Into You” on Triple J

Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, has been quiet as of lately. However, while on tour, he did manage to make a stop at Australia’s Triple J radio station where he performed a beautiful cover of Tamia’s 1998 hit, “So Into You”.

Triple J’s Like A Version, has gradually became one of my favorite radio segments as of late. Like A Version features artists of all genres covering their favorite songs.

The original version

Source (Triple J Facebook)

2015 ACL Festival Late Night Shows Tickets Still Available

If you weren’t able to purchase 2015 ACL Festival tickets before they sold out, don’t fret. Tickets to ACL Fest Late Night Shows are still available for some artists.

The ACL Festival is a six day, 2 weekend festival featuring artists such as Billy Idol, WALK THE MOON, TV on the Radio and The Weeknd and will take place at Zilker Park located in Austin, TX.

unnamed (2)

From October 1st through October 10th, several of Austin’s music venues will host over thirty shows featuring artists who performed at ACL.
The Official 2015 ACL Fest Late Night Shows:
10/1 Tito’s Handmade Vodka Presents: Billy Idol w/ special guest Ryn Weaver @ Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater (21+)
10/1 Brand New w/ Manchester Orchestra and Kevin Devine & the Goddamn Band @ Emo’s Austin
10/1 ZEDS DEAD @ Vulcan Gas Company (18+)
10/1 Communion Presents: The Maccabees @ The Parish
10/1 Leopold and His Fiction @ Stubb’s Indoors
10/2 WALK THE MOON w/ Sheppard @ Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater
10/2 TV on the Radio w/ boots @ Emo’s Austin
10/2 ZEDS DEAD @ Vulcan Gas Company (18+)
10/2 Leon Bridges @ The Parish
10/2 Talk in Tongues @ Lamberts
10/3 alt-J w/ San Fermin @ Austin Music Hall
10/3 The Decemberists w/ Olivia Chaney @ ACL Live
10/3 Royal Blood w/ Bass Drum of Death @ Emo’s Austin
10/3 Meg Myers w/ Jarryd James @ Stubb’s Indoors
10/3 Stubb’s Gospel Brunch: Eagle Rock Gospel Singers @ Stubb’s Indoors (10:30 am)
10/4 A$AP Rocky w/ Danny Brown and Vince Staples @ Austin Music Hall
10/4 GRiZ w/ Russ Liquid and Louie Lastic @ Vulcan Gas Company (18+)
10/5 Blackest of the Black feat. Danzig w/ Superjoint, Veil of Maya, Prong and Witch Mountain @ Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater
10/5 Lord Huron w/ Gold Beach @ Emo’s Austin
10/7 The 4th Annual Waller Creek Conservency Benefit featuring Shakey Graves w/ The London Souls @ Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater
10/8 Sylvan Esso w/ Flock of Dimes @ Emo’s Austin
10/8 Avers @ Stubb’s Indoors
10/8 [email protected] Lamberts
10/9 Band of Horses @ Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater
10/9 Kali Uchis w DJ Mel and Franco V @ Vulcan Gas Company (18+)
10/9 Milo Green @ Stubb’s Indoors
10/9 Con Brio @ Lamberts
10/10 Chance The Rapper w/ D.R.A.M., Metro Boomin and Towkio @ Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater
10/10 mau5trap presents deadmau5 w/ ATTLAS @ Emo’s Austin (18+)
10/10 Cherub w/ Hippie Sabotage and Franco V @ Vulcan Gas Company (18+)
10/10 BØRNS w/ special guests Avid Dancer @ Stubb’s Indoors
10/10 Stubb’s Gospel Brunch: Eagle Rock Gospel Singers @ Stubb’s Indoors (10:30 am)
10/10 Son Little and Lanz Pierce @ Lamberts
To see which tickets are still available, head on over to C3 Concerts.

Big Grams releases new single, Goldmine Junkies

Big Grams, the new collaborative project from Outkast’s Big Boi and Phantogram, have released “Goldmine Junkies”, their third single off their debut self-titled EP set to release on September 25th.

The two forces initially announced their collaboration back in Spring of 2014. The album is also set to have appearances from Run the Jewels and Skrillex.

Earlier this month, Big Boi shared how the two came about with Rolling Stone,

I linked up with Phantogram and it was just the chemistry while I was in L.A. I switched gears after we came off the Outkast tour, like, ‘Why don’t we put the [collaborative] record together?’ We started working on it and it was like, ‘Holy shit.’ Why don’t we do this first?”

Big Boi has been a legend in the hip hop world over the two decades, both individually and as half of the iconic hip-hop duo, Outkast. Big Boi recently wrapped up an Outkast reunion tour with Andre 3000.

Phantogram is an electronic duo from New York and consists of Josh Carter (vocals/guitars) and Sarah Barthel (vocals/keyboard). Last year, Phantogram released their second album, Voices via Republic Records which received overall positive reviews from critics.

Phantogram previously had a guest appearance on Big Boi’s 2012 album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors.

The group also recently did an AMA on Reddit, answering several questions ranging from their inspirations to the process of putting together their upcoming EP.

The group is expected to go on tour, no release dates have been announced yet.

Listen to “Goldmine Junkies”:

During their recent Reddit AMA, Josh stated,

“There are 7 songs on the record… each corresponds with a deadly sin.”

Big Grams EP Tracklist:
01. Run for Your Life
02. Lights On
03. Fell In The Sun
04. Put It On Her
05. Goldmine Junkie
06. Born To Shine (feat. Run the Jewels)
07. Drum Machine (feat. Skrillex)

Big Grams are also scheduled to make their first TV debut tomorrow on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.


Listen to “Fell in the Sun”:

Listen to “Lights On”:

In Hearts Wake covers Parkway Drive’s Vice Grip

In Hearts Wake has recently dropped two new tracks, a is a live acoustic version of their song Wildflower” which was featured on their recently released album Skydancer and a stripped down version of Parkway Drive’s “Vice Grip.”

Listen to In Hearts Wake cover Parkway Drive’s Vice Grip:

On the subject of covering Vice Grip, Vocalist Jake Taylor says, “2015 has been an amazing year for us and it just keeps getting wilder. We’re incredibly honoured to have had the opportunity to take on Triple J’s “Like A Version.” We chose to cover Vice Grip by Parkway Drive because we’re both from the same town and some of us even went to the same high school. They’ve played a huge part in the rise of Australian heavy music around the world, putting our beloved Byron Bay on the global metal map.”

For the unaware, Like A Version is a segment on Australian radio station Triple J where bands can comes into the studio to play one of their own songs and a cover of a song they love.

In Hearts Wake released two albums in a span of a year, starting with 2014’s Earthwalker, which debuted at #5 on the ARIA charts and the newly released album Skydancer debuted at #2 on the ARIA charts. Skydancer was released via Rise Records and is available for purchase now on iTunes, their merchnow store and can be streamed at Spotify.

Watch the Skydancer/Earthwalker documentary:

Watch In Hearts Wake’s video for “Breakaway”:

In Hearts Wake will be touring in the United States beginning in October with Parkway Drive and Miss May I.

In Hearts Wake North American Tour Dates:

Oct 30 – Anaheim, CA – House of Blues
Oct 31 – Sacramento, CA – Ace of Spades
Nov 1 – Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre
Nov 2 – Seattle, WA – El Corazon
Nov 3 – Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw
Nov 4 – Calgary, AB – Marquee
Nov 5 – Edmonton, AB – Union Hall
Nov 8 – Minneapolis, MN – The Cabooze
Nov 9 – Chicago, IL – House of Blues
Nov 11 – Detroit, MI – The Fillmore
Nov 12 – Toronto, ON – Danforth Music Hall
Nov 13 – Montreal, QC – Metropolis
Nov 14 – New York, NY – Irving Plaza
Nov 15 – Boston, MA – House of Blues
Nov 16 – Huntington, NY – The Paramount
Nov 17 – Philadelphia, PA – The Fillmore
Nov 18 – Pittsburgh, PA – Altar Bar
Nov 19 – Cleveland, OH – House of Blues
Nov 20 – Cincinnati, OH – Bogart’s
Nov 21 – Silver Spring, MD – The Fillmore
Nov 22 – Charlotte, NC – The Fillmore
Nov 23 – Buena Vista, FL – House of Blues
Nov 24 – Atlanta, GA – Tabernacle
Nov 25 – New Orleans, LA – House of Blues
Nov 27 – Houston, TX – House of Blues
Nov 28 – San Antonio, TX – Aztec Theater
Nov 29 – Dallas, TX – House of Blues
Nov 30 – Tulsa, OK – Cain’s Ballroom
Dec 1 – Denver, CO – The Fillmore
Dec 2 – Salt Lake City, UT – Murray Theatre
Dec 3 – Mesa, AZ – Nile Theatre
Dec 5 – Los Angeles, CA – The WIltern
Dec 6 – Las Vegas, NV – House of Blues


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