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AltWire Indie Song of The Week: Adot – Heartattack

Chicago’s Adot brings contagious bars over a spacey soundscape on one of his latest tracks titled ‘HEARTATTACK’. Known for his trippy sound and his unorthodox visuals Adot has been drawing attention over his releases via social media. Check out his track and follow his media here:

AltWire Indie Artist of The Week – NDPNDNT

Coming out of the Windy City is an Emcee named NDPNDNT who strays from the path of his peers who at times take a blind eye perspective to their surroundings, and chooses to place a magnifying glass over the environment. With Lyrical prowess and a uplifting point of view NDPNDNT is able to give us and the culture Hip-Hop that is not tainted with today’s gimmicky controversy, or drug laced melodies. There is a warmness to the production choices that gives him an instant appeal to the ears. With crisp production armed with lyrics of a revolutionary we are enticed to hear the release NDPNDNT is planing on unveiling in 2018.

Currently NDPNDNT has released the excellent ‘Rock With You’ as a single leading up to Voiceless. Another fantastic song ‘Free Me’ has also been released; however, ‘Free Me’ will not be on the project.
‘Free Me’ is an anthem that speaks on divisions among Black individuals and the realization that Black is Black no matter the hue.  ‘Rock With You’ is a chill vibey track laid  on top of a soulful sampled track produced by Jadah Arrington.
‘Rock With You’
‘Free Me’

AltWire Indie Song of The Week: Pell – Seeds

This Weeks indie song of the week goes to Seeds by the experimental soul artist Pell. Pell is a rapper, singer, and songwriter from New Orleans, LA. His song Seeds is on a laid back instrumental giving Pell the perfect soundscape to plant and till the seeds that have been planted in his own life. This song easily becomes an anthem for those individuals working their own field of dreams inspiring us to stay persistent in pursuit. Pell brings a playful flow and displays effortless transitions between raps and vocal work.



His Dream of Lions Set to Release Pseudo Star EP in Feb 2018

Rock/Alternative group His Dream Of Lions is set to release their new highly anticipated EP Pseudo Star in February 2018. The group has been making waves since 2015 in the genre with the release of their self-titled EP which also lead to their single “Danger Close’ debuting on Fuse the same year.

The group has been hard at work on new material for their upcoming release Pseudo Star with Ben Green of Ivakota Studios. Ben had his hands on the engineering, mixing, and mastering of the release. Accompanying their announcement came their new single “Love Me Like I’m Sick” along with a video directed by Justin Kroger. The song keeps elements of their previous sound, but expands adding synths and heavy drum sound.

Seth Coggeshall, lead singer, spoke on the new release stating, “Pseudo Star is about that feeling. It captures that feeling not only with the subject matter of the songs, but also in the tonal extremes the record sits in between. Pseudo Star is funny, yet serious. It can at times be epic, and other times intimate. We’re playing fun rock music that has moments that sound really empowering. However the lyrics, and the sentiments in the songs don’t portray a confident or powerful person. Instead I sound unsure, and a little self-deprecating. Despite all this though, the point of Pseudo Star isn’t to encourage listeners to revel in self-doubt, or self-pity. It’s about effort in the face of uncertainty. It’s hard to know where you’re heading. And maybe we will always feel like were at the halfway point. Always feel like a Pseudo Star…But Pseudo Stars still shine, and that’s more than enough reason to press on.”

Stay tuned for more updates as time draws near to the release.

AltWire Indie Artist Of The Week – Jesse Boykins III

This week I would like to direct your attention to Jamaican soul singer Jesse Boykins III who brings world vibes to Brooklyn where he is currently based. Boykin is a musical veteran having studied under classical trainer Kamal Scott and Bilal. Drawing from influences of Stevie Wonder, D’ Angelo, Bilal, and Maxwell Boykin is able to craft a classic yet modern take on soul/neo soul bringing in bits of world music as well. For those looking to get acquainted with Boykin’s soulful vibes listen to his latest release ‘Bartholomew‘. Here is one of the lead singles from the release entitled ‘Everybody Shut Up’

Jesse Boykins III- Everybody Shut Up

To see the rest of Jesse’s visual expressions from the album ‘Bartholomew‘ visit his YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe and purchase his latest release.


Launch Music Conference & Festival 2018 Preview

Launch Music Conference & Festival is returning in 2018 to Lancaster, PA bringing an assortment artist, music executives, and musicians to speak and perform at the event. From April 12- 15, 2018 the event will take placing filling each day with seminars, parties, events, and performances.

This years event will feature Two Time Grammy-Nominated metal act August Burns Red who also happen to be Lancaster natives. The group has aided with the event in previous years, but 2018 will mark their first time performing. Guitarist J.B. Brubaker had this to say, “After attending LAUNCH for many years as a panelist, I’m excited to finally be able to attend as a performer for ABR’s 15 year anniversary show.  It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years and there’s no place we’d rather celebrate than with a show in our hometown of Lancaster, PA,”. 
On April 14, 2018 August Burns Red will perform at Freedom Hall in The Lancaster County Convention Center, which is also the 15 year anniversary of the groups inception. The band will also bring previous members out to aid in the performances of Looks Fragile After All and Thrill Seeker. Tickets for the show are available at and are $25 in advance, $30 day of show, $15 with standard badge, and free with VIP, doors open at 5pm.
During LAUNCH, the Lancaster Metal Documentary “Barn Burner, The Ride of The Lancaster County Metal Scene” will be showing putting spotlight on the music scene which boasts August Burns Red, Texas, In July, and This or The Apocalypse to name a few.

[Album Review] Ambush Vin – Fandom Tape Vol. I

Watching an individual combine two things they truly love to craft something fresh and new can be exhilarating to witness. Especially two things that do not blend based on popular opinion. Ambush Vin accomplishes the task on Fandom Tape Vol. I giving us the perfect fusion of Sci-Fi Hip-Hop.

Fandom Tape Vol. I meshes urban and Sci-Fi concepts together in a way that has never been seen before making Nerd-Core accessible to an audience who may have brushed the genre aside initially. Over bolstering beats Ambush glides his lyrical brush to paint images many of us are acquainted with from our childhood while introducing us to some we were not aware of.

In the opening tracks of the release we are faced with the question, can there be Nerd-Core without Ambush? Ambush backs this with his own words in “Powerman” stating, “I am Nerd-Core” solidifying he is not afraid to go toe to toe with any one who challenges his place. Ambush has spent enough time on his pen game to make sure his polished production was not the only thing receiving rave reviews. Every track is a lyrical onslaught giving us glimpses into parts of Ambush’s life, things he enjoys, and even his views of the world we live in examples being “Secret Wars”, “Sci-Fi Music”, and “The Bad Guy” .

Artist love to introduce listeners to ideas or lifestyles not always acknowledged in the mainstream. It is our job as a listener to hear the artist out and see if we can find some common ground or understanding. One of the stand out tracks on the release brings Cosplay to the listeners ears with a modern beat and hook making the track radio ready while still staying true to who Ambush is and honoring what he loves and respects. The track will leave the listener with a feeling of respect and curiosity to possibly delve into the realm Ambush opens our eyes to.

Fandom Tape Vol. I is not only a Nerd-Core release, it is a proclamation to the Hip-Hop world that the sub genre is thriving, and is not to be taken lightly in comparison to trap, gangster rap, and backpack rap.

Stand Out Tracks: “The Bad Guy” “Why Cosplay” “Apokolips” “Sun Tzu”

Kerbera Release Video For ‘Love Like A Loaded Gun’

Swedish Alternative/Rock act Kerbera have blessed us with some breathtaking visuals to accompany their lead single ‘Love like A Loaded Gun’ off their new album People Like You which was released in the UK on the 8th of December. The video, released on November 30th, is filled with natural beauty as you are initially entranced with the landscape they have provided as a backdrop. Lyrics scribbled through out the video help the viewer fully grasp the most important elements of content, whilst Lousie Sjogren (the model used during the video) provides a haunting performance, giving life to the lyrics sang by Seike Clowniac.

Check out the video below!

This Week’s Hip-Hop & Urban Releases

This week in the Hip- Hop realm we have an overwhelming amount of releases coming on the 15th from longtime legends, as well as some highly anticipated follow ups from hardworking newcomers in the mix. Listeners should have a satisfying amount to hold them over till next Friday.

December 15
Boosie BadazzBooPac
N.E.R.D.–  No_One Ever Really Dies
G-EazyThe Beautiful and Damned
BrockhamptonSaturation III
Slim ThugThe World Is Yours
Scarface- Deeply Rooted