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The Movement & Signal Fire @ The Attic – Ybor City

The night began with all of us “certified MVMT junkies” relaxing like royalty in the downstairs bar and lounge area of The Attic in downtown Ybor City in Tampa, FL. The Attic is a perfect name for this venue. Lit darkly and featuring large visible silver pipes through the brick structure, chandeliers are hung above the stage to give the setting a touch of class. Side note – they have the best beer selection.

A large group of us were out in full force to make the two-night event a complete sell-out and total success. As we went our separate ways before the show began and the openers Signal Fire started to hit the stage, The Movement members strolled to greet our familiar faces, showing that they are always making the time to speak to their devoted fans.

Opening for The Movement, Signal Fire (who have been on my radar for quite some time) delivered a great set and put us all in the right mind set. I was ecstatic to see them in such an intimate setting. The Signal Fire guys chilled with us after their set as we prepared for the main attraction. Then it happened. The Movement’s classic hit “Siren” started and this second floor small loft began shaking like a turbulent plane. Next up was one of my favorites, “Rescue”. As if it wasn’t already raging enough, midway through their set they dropped their latest release, a single called “Cool Me Down”. Between Josh’s “One of a Kind” voice, Gary’s clean and precise banging, Ross’s surgeon like attention to detail or Jay’s slick and thick bass lines, this band never disappoints and they bring it every single time. Needless to say we were left with our “jaws on the floor like a shark elevator”. That’s just The Movement Vibe. Catch the guys in a city near you on their spring tour!

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Perfect By Tomorrow Interview: A Chat With Drummer Justin Dobbelaar

Photo Credits: Anna Noel

We all know the story. A few kids from a small town, all musically apt and naturally gifted join forces and take over the world. This just might be the case for the four young men of Perfect By Tomorrow who are aiming for the stars and smashing each one down with a baseball bat. The Washington / Seattle based Reggae, Rock, and Punk band is comprised of Turner Williams (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Morgan Williams (Bass), Justin Dobbelaar (Drums) and finally Joe Sunderland (Vocals/Guitar), a 6’7 lovable creature who writes the majority of the incredible lyrics you’ll hear in the band’s music. I had the pleasure of interviewing Justin Dobbelaar, the bands drummer on what to expect out of them.

Made up of a self-paying group of guys in their early twenties, these boys are still booking many of their gigs at the same places they started out in. In fact, this Friday March 9th, they’ll be playing at the very first place they ever played, Loco Billy’s in Stanwood, WA.

Turner (guitarist and lead singer) and Morgan (Bass) are brothers with an ace in their pocket. The young brother’s musical parents just happen to have owned a music recording studio for quite some time (jealous yet? Me too!). This played a huge part in making the band’s impressive, professionally mixed dirty, garage-esque sound.

“2018 is the year of the underground scene” Dobbelaar exclaims in excitement. He begins to unwaveringly explain their goal to show the people, the fans and other bands out there that you do not always need to “Pay out the ass to make music”. “All you need is a garage or a basement, some good friends and a shit ton of foam” – I didn’t ask about the foam.

Their main goal other than personal growth, health and success is to see others flourish!

One of the biggest influences is Ted Bowne of Passafire. Bowne saw the group’s potential and with the money they had made from their CD release party, they funded a trip to St. Petersburg, FL this past January so that Bowne could record and produce the new song “Shallow Waters” which will be out on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and more on April 6th. Passafire’s front man was also featured on the track “Stoned” on their Album Ocean Dr. back in 2017. These tracks were, again, recorded at the family’s studio. I predict many more collaborations with these bands.

Another huge big up I have to give to these old souls in young bodies is getting a feature track with Casey Sullivan, formally of the California band Seedless. The guys flew Sullivan up for a few days and the song “Shelter” was born in Turner and Morgan’s dad’s studio.

Perfect By Tomorrow are set to headline one of their first festivals in Pasco, WA at the Columbian Basin Rock Fest on April 21st. They will also be joining my Florida jam-fam Kash’d OutSeranation and Tunnel Vision at The High Dive in Seattle on April 14th.

Catch Perfect By Tomorrow on a California tour this summer, expected sometime around early August and for anything else just visit their webpage and stay up to date on all things PBT!



Mad Beach Block Party 2: Roots of a Rebellion

Mad Beach Block Party 2 was an incredibly successful event that was personalized so perfectly for the two day party. Madeira beach was in throwing distance on the sunniest of Florida days with an ideal breeze. It may have just have been the love pulsating through all of us musical family members as we reunited.

I had the opportunity to sit down with the six men of Roots Of A Rebellion after their set and get the low down on what’s coming up.

Lyrically honest, incredibly dedicated, persistent and musically astounding, these six young men have set out with healing vibrations to “cultivate their craft” as lead singer and guitarist Austin explained. When asked who influenced these roots rockers, an obvious “[Bob] Marley” was the first response, with Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Gregory Isaacs and Dennis Brown on that list as well. Other artists mentioned to have had a huge impact ranged from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Al Green to Hank Williams. Not only do the guys know how to jam, but you can still be at ease enough around them to sample some of your best dance moves. Take my word for it.

It cannot be expressed enough how firmly they believe in practicing what they preach. The philanthropic work that they do and encourage others to involve themselves in is a direct reflection of their message. This group eats, sleeps and breathes “Positive Change” and are firm believers in Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. Back in 2012, they started assisting with Habitat For Humanity and began helping the Nashville community even more so with food drives at most of their shows. They’ve most recently partnered with local non-profit Second Harvest Food Bank’s “Farm In The City’—getting dirty planting trees, acting as an extra set of hands for whoever may need it and leaving rooted legacies of what they are accomplishing as a unified group. They love where they are from and that is very visible. This year they are trying to branch out and do good in other communities as they pass through on tour. “If you have a project you’d like the Roots Crew to help with, hit us up on Facebook and let’s make some goodness happen” suggests Austin.

After the successful release of their album A Brother’s Instinct in 2016 (which landed them at #4 on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart) the band is hard at work on their next record —working with Craig Welsch yet again at Rear Window Studios in Brookline, MA. They have two months left in their Pledge Music campaign and have reached 25% of the goal. The money donated will assist in paying for recording, mixing, mastering and the packaging of the upcoming album which is set to be released by late fall, early winter of 2018.

Check out their Pledge Music campaign link below to learn more about the record making process and their pledge, as well the Winter/ Spring tour schedule and the upcoming studio album that they can’t wait to share with us and a record that we here at AltWire can’t wait to listen to.

ROAR Pledge Music campaign

ROAR Official Webpage

ROAR Facebook

The Movement Releases “Cool Me Down”

Morning hair flowing. My dog at the foot of my bed.

I rise up in excitement as today marks the day that The Movement releases their latest track “Cool Me Down”, a teaser for their upcoming album currently in progress. The band’s previous track “SIREN” was released in mid 2017, and was an aware and politically righteous anthem that promoted positive solutions to the deepest of issues. At the time of its release, “SIREN” took how we felt and added lyrics and rhythm to a world in turmoil. The message in the music was loudly heard and wildly received.

With that being said these two releases are completely different.

Recorded in Louisa, VA at White Star Sound, “Cool Me Down” is the lovechild of The Movement and the song’s producer, Mr. Johnny Cosmic and the result is a match made in heady heaven. The vibe of the song instantly gave me the feeling of being teleported to the beach on its hottest days, and from the very beginning of the track, I felt invited to dive right in and ‘cool down’ as I swam among the dolphins. From start to finish “Cool Me Down” soothes you with a perfectly easy tempo, and the end result is nothing short of euphoria.

Be sure to look out for their new album, which is currently still in progress! But be patient: with songs like these, the wait will definitely be worth it.

Check out the track here: