Articles by M. Stoneman


[AltWire Interview] William Ryan Key

William Ryan Key of Yellowcard fame discusses his solo EP Thirteen, check it out below… Those who remember the best years of pop-punk will no doubt remember the distinctive and enthralling tones of Yellowcard and the vocals of William Ryan Key. Across 10 studio albums and an incredibly recognizable sound (in particular owed to the […]


[Album Review] 5 Seconds of Summer – Youngblood

Like the Busted’s and Mcfly’s of the early 2000s, 5 Seconds of Summer’s sound and style has always been a calculated and consciously safe one. In implementing casual lyricism with playful melodic hooks, the direction taken by the Australian pop-rock quartet ultimately often boiled down to being as easily digestible and mathematically marketable as possible, […]


[Album Review] Floating Room – False Baptism

I remember the exact moment I realized I had completely fallen in love with moody, beautifully textured indie rock. Spending a long, bored night tumbling down the endless rabbit hole of the internet, I happened upon (of all places to realize this small epiphany) a Tumblr profile. Completely by chance and with little intention to […]


[AltWire Interview] Klayton of Celldweller

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys electronic rock, industrial metal, or perhaps are simply an avid gaming fan, then the chances are you’ve heard Klayton’s music in the past. From the widely successful Celldweller project to the recently resurrected 90s industrial effort Circle of Dust, Klayton’s ever-growing foray into new styles musically has […]


[Album Review] Other Americans (Self Titled) [EP]

It’s funny, the incredible effect of hearing something that immediately captures your attention from the very first second. There’s a sudden rigidity that holds you in place, an almost primal fear of what caught you, but the deep inhalation of breath and slight tingling down your neck alerts you to your own reaction: you are […]


[AltWire Interview] Dan Voicians of Voicians

Voicians is the multi-faceted electronic rock project of German artist/producer Dan Voicians. Known for producing enthralling electronic rock tracks throughout albums A Matter of Time or the more recent Wasteland and collaborating with the likes of Celldweller, Zardonic and The Quemists, Dan Voicians has been a prominent member of the FiXT team throughout the years, […]