[Songs For Spring] Becky and the Birds – Concept Store

While the incoming dizzying and vibrant summer tones (and pulsing, infectious holiday beats that tend to accompany it) are always entertaining and fun to play with, spring tends to lean towards being far more withdrawn; there’s a lingering winter hesitancy there that hasn’t yet been shed, while the peeking indications of new life still take root and push forward to bloom, before summer finally takes hold and carries things forward.

Compare this frame of mind to a certain piece that feels appropriate, and you may find yourself landing on Becky and the Birds latest single, ‘Concept Store’.

Released in April following the critically acclaimed debut single, ‘Holding On’, ‘Concept Store’ treads far more carefully compared to the more energetic former; layering gorgeous hip hop beats and electronics with jazzy basslines and Becky and the Birds‘ soulful vocal delivery, the Swedish singer/producer spends much of the track crooning gently while lyrically reflecting on intimate paranoia, obsessing over what a partner may be thinking throughout the relationship. Despite the chirping birdsong and soothing rustle of nature that flutters throughout the track, it’s an incredibly mellow and borderline mournful few moments with Becky and the Birds, wonderfully introspective while the vocalist carefully unravels the still more hesitant aspects of her life.

It’s of course not the booming, over-happy summer beats that so enthusiastically flood these final transitioning weeks between spring to summer, but for a final lingering glimpse of spring, ‘Concept Store’ is just right.

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