Calgary Stampede Day 6 – Rainbow Night at The Stampede 

Calgary Stampede

On July 9, 2019 German pop singer Bülow and Brooklyn, NY artist King Princess hit the Coca-Cola Stage.

Bülow kicked off the show with a soft and mellow performance of her pop hits. The German artist performed songs such as “Get Stüpid,” “Not A Love Song,” and her 2019 single “Sweet Little Lies”

By the time Bülow left the stage, the Calgary Stampede grounds were packed in anticipation for the 20 year old Brooklyn favorite King Princess to hit the stage. King Princess started the set with interlude “Useless Phrases” then transitioned into my personal favorite “Cheap Queen.” Shortly after stepping foot on the stage King Princess jumped off the stage to sign a fans Pride Canadian flag in the front row. King Princess put on an absolutely energetic performance with her unique axe-based songs, and it’s been far too long since we’ve had any axe-based songs hit the pop charts. The 20 year old artist had everyone dancing for her entire set with her top songs such as “1950,” “Talia,” and “Pussy Is God”.

See photos from both acts below:

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